DivData Biobibnet

DivData Biobibnet allows faculty to update their biobibliographies, create custom CVs, and automatically include their biobib and list of scholarly and creative works in their online Review file.

It is designed to produce a biobibliography (biobib) that conforms to the campus guidelines, and is organized into tabs that correspond to biobib sections.

To learn more, watch a short video introduction or click on the links on the left for information about each tab.

General Information

Working with Entries

Create/Edit/Delete Record (video)

New! All entry screens offer a "Save & Next" button to create multiple entries of the same type more quickly.

New! When done working with an entry, the system returns to that entry's position in the list, rather than to the top. A floating "scroll to top" button allows quick navigation back to the top of the screen.

Entering Dates:

DivData Biobibnet supports the many types of dates that can appear on a biobibliography: calendar years, academic years, quarters, months, exact dates, and date ranges. It is also uses these dates for sorting purposes.

A date includes three components: Year, Quarter/Mo, Day; the system only only requires a year, but a quarter or month is strongly recommended for review period identification and sorting.

Flexible entry options:screenshot of date entry object

  • Enter the date(s) as appropriate for the given entry.
  • Check the 'Date Range' checkbox to enter start and end dates (if applicable).
    • Date ranges sort based on the end date, so recent activity stays nicely grouped together.
  • Click the 'Select Academic Year(s)' button to quickly enter one or more academic years. The system converts your selection to begin and end quarters so that the dates are very clear to reviewers.
  • The calendar icon can be used to select an exact date.

Special notes:

Scholarly and Creative Work: When viewing your biobib, the year appears to the left of the citation in this section, and, if a more specific date is entered, the full date information appears in parentheses after the citation.
Courses Taught and Other Teaching: These entries use a different date format, as these must be entered using academic years.

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