112.000 - Target of Excellence Program


Principles in Allocation of "Target of Excellence" Proposals: A great university needs to be responsive to opportunities, and to be able to act quickly on its own behalf when standard operating procedures might miss chances of potentially great benefit to the institution. In times when available resources permit it, UCSC should pursue new ladder rank faculty that are identified as "Targets of Excellence" as a viable strategy to greater excellence and diversity. This is meant to be a chance for departments/divisions to pursue opportunistic hiring strategies, where it is clear that such faculty will improve the overall excellence and at the same time, promote diversity on this campus. Proposals for TOE's will be relatively infrequent, and must demonstrate a very high probability that they will be of significant and continuing value to the UCSC campus environment. The campus must be mindful of the consequences of pursuing TOE proposals that in procedure go beyond standard and normal ladder rank recruitment processes. It is anticipated that the possibility of appointments using the TOE procedures will elicit careful consideration of institutional values and goals by the faculty and the administration.

The following particular constraints will guide the approval process for TOE proposals:

  1. All departments are eligible to initiate TOE proposals through the cognizant dean, who will forward them to the Campus Provost. The authority to approve a TOE proposal rests with the Campus Provost, who will solicit the advice of the Committee on Affirmative Action and Diversity and the Committee on Planning and Budget before any TOE proposal is approved. Upon approval of the TOE proposal, the candidate's appointment file undergoes the usual review process, including review by the Committee on Academic Personnel.
  2. Over time, there should be relative equity in distribution of TOE opportunities among divisions.
  3. A TOE proposal will be approved only if the individual will clearly increase the overall excellence of UCSC. Individuals proposed for TOE appointment must be distinguished in all aspects of professorial activities, including research/scholarship, teaching, and service.
  4. The university recognizes its responsibility to attract and educate a diverse student population to function effectively in an increasingly diverse state. To further this goal, proposals that diversify the faculty and the curriculum as well as help to fulfill the university's affirmative action plan will be especially welcomed.
  5. TOE proposals should make a clear case of the benefits to the program(s), division(s), and the institution. Normally, approval of a TOE proposal will require a strong endorsement from the department and department chair as well as the cognizant dean(s) on the significance of the proposal to the division(s), and to UCSC as an institution. As well, any TOE proposal must indicate the relationship between the proposed ladder rank faculty appointment and the long-term curricular and diversity plans of the department(s) and the division(s).
  6. TOE proposals will outline the expected financial contribution of the division(s) and department(s) to the proposed hire. It is expected that any proposal will be underwritten by the division with a vacant permanent faculty position, and additional contributions to salary and startup expenses by the department/division may be expected.
  7. Normally, such proposals should occur within the usual time framework for requests to search for new faculty. In unusual circumstances, consideration will be given to proposals that do not fall in the normal cycle of recruitment proposals. These proposals will be possible only in situations where the budgetary health of the institution can afford them.