806.660 - Additional Compensation


Please contact Academic Personnel for consultation, application, and approval authority for additional compensation policies.


Additional compensation is any compensation, other than an administrative stipend, paid to an appointee by the University in excess of the appointee’s full-time salary. The term additional compensation is not used in the Academic Personnel Manual to refer to compensation for employment by any employer other than the University. (See APM 660 - Additional Compensation/General).


The following University activities may be sources of additional compensation:

  • APM 661 - Summer Session Teaching
  • APM 662 - Additional Teaching
  • APM 663 - University Extension Correspondence Courses
  • APM 664 - Services as Faculty Consultant
  • APM 665 - Reading Manuscripts
  • APM 666 - Lectures and Similar Services
  • APM 667 - Extramurally Funded Research