Outside Professional Activities Reporting

APM 025-Prior approval form APM 025-Annual reporting form


Access Request Form PPS Account Information - Forms
Biography Form Request for One-Time Payment
Employment Forms Risk Services/Worker's Comp Forms
Faculty Administrator Checklist Staff Human Resources Forms Library
Financial Affairs Form Directory Travel Request Form
Parking Permit Information - TAPS UCSC - Account Modification Form

Recruitment Forms

NOTE: Submission deadlines for the Position Approval Packets are listed in the Initiating Academic Recruitments web page at 

Non-senate Position Approval Packet Documents

  1. Non-senate Recruitment Set-up Form
  2. Non-senate Template Flyer  OR Postdoctoral Scholar Template Flyer
  3. Non-senate Applicants' Screening Criteria Worksheet

Ongoing Pool Position Approval Packet Documents

  1. Ongoing Pool Recruitment Set-up Form
  2. Ongoing Pool Template Flyer  
  3. Ongoing Pool Applicants' Screening Criteria Worksheet

Senate Position Approval Packet Documents

  1. Senate Recruitment Set-up Form
  2. Senate Template Flyer  
  3. Senate Applicants' Screening Criteria Worksheet

Online Advertisements Log (previously referred to as the Enterable Part A)

Planning and Budget Office- FTE Approval Form
Recall Fact Sheet and Waiver Form
Waiver Request Form

Selected Benefits Forms

UCOP At Your Service
- More Forms and Publications
Family Medical Leave Forms
Insurance Continuation Insurance Continuation-PostDocs
Ladder Rank Leave Application
Form (Family Friendly)
Leave of Absence Request Form
Reduced Work Intermittent Leave  Unit 18 Benefits Bridge