Resources for Assistant Professors


  • Your Department Chair
  • Deans
    • Ted Warburton, Interim Dean of the Arts Division
    • Alex Wolf, Dean of the Baskin School of Engineering
    • Tyler Stovall, Dean of the Humanities Division
    • Paul Koch, Dean of the Physical and Biological Sciences Division
    • Katharyne Mitchell, Dean of the Social Sciences Division
  • Staff to Deans/Divisional Academic Personnel Coordinators
    • Stephanie Moore, Arts, 9-4973
    • Katie Arnold, Arts, 2-8374
    • Ben Ruwe, Engineering, 9-2263
    • Terri Rock, Humanities, 9-2697 
    • Laura Lopez, Physical & Biological Sciences, 9-3185
    • Nicolle Laird, Physical & Biological Sciences, 9-4757
    • Emily Johnson, Social Sciences, 9-2912
  • Academic Personnel Office Staff (Kerr 499, 9-5579)
    • Ibukun Bloom, Senior Analyst, 9-4779 (Review Policy questions)
    • Jenny Brown, Analyst, 2-7643 (OATS, Leave questions)
    • Mark Budz, DivData Analyst, 9-4702 (DivData Review, Biobibnet)
    • Cecilia de la Garza, Senior Analyst, 9-3891
    • Cris Imai, Senior Analyst, 9-4689 (DivData Review, Biobibnet)
    • Grace McClintock, Assistant Vice Provost, 9-5254
    • Kristin Mott, Analyst, 2-7641
    • Leslie Marple, Senior Analyst, 9-3849 (Academic Recruitments)
    • Gillian McGuire, Senior Analyst, 9-3118
    • Katy Wilson, Senior Analyst, 9-2062
  • Academic Senate Office (for Academic Senate committees and resources)
    • 831-459-2086


Academic Personnel Manual (APM)

Campus Academic Personnel Manual (CAPM)

Academic Personnel Office:

DivData:  (Cruz ID and Gold password required).  DivData Accounts are created automatically after appointment to UCSC.

Faculty can:

  • maintain your biobibliography in DivData Biobibnet (for assistance with initial set up send email to [link on DivData site])
  • review your course evaluations as stored in the Biobibnet Online Course Evaluation Archive (if Ecommons is used to solicit student feedback)
  • compile and access your personnel advancement reviews
  • view a colleague's file as part of the departmental review process (if Assistant Professors have Bylaw 55 voting rights in departments)

New Faculty Quick Guide:

  • This Quick Guide introduces some essential resources for the beginning of your academic career here at UCSC including faculty responsibilities, teaching and research resources, and general campus and community resources