Biobibnet: Courses Taught tab

Courses Taught and Other Teaching entries will appear together on the biobibliography, grouped by academic year, under the section heading "Teaching."

Course records are imported quarterly after grades are due, using the official third week data from the UCSC Data Warehouse. Online course evaluation data from EvalSys is then added and archived by systematically matching the evaluation survey to the instructor and course.

Departments are the offices of record for this information, and can manage most course record information in Biobibnet. In the event that the systematic process fails to archive an evaluation set, department staff have the ability to attach evaluation files (e.g., PDF, XLS) to course records in Biobibnet. This can be done as part of a quarterly course audit process, or during the File Building and/or Dept/Unit Add Materials phases of a personnel review.

Faculty have full view access to their course records and evaluations. If you are an instructor and notice a discrepancy or omission in your Courses Taught, contact your department manager or college academic program coordinator.

See also Biobibliography Guidelines: Courses Taught

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