Biobibnet: Create a Custom CV

Biobibnet includes a highly customizable "Custom CV" feature, which allows faculty to easily create alternative versions of their biobibliography.

Options include:

  • Select a date range and sort option and choose a quick-report format: Full Biobib, CV Layout, Abbreviated CV, or Evaluations.
    • click "Reverse Sort" to change between ascending or descending date sorting.
  • Build a fully customized report:
    • choose a a global range or select different ranges for each section.
    • choose to sort by ascending or descending date. Check "Sort Asc" for ascending.
    • choose which sections to include. By selecting "None" the section will not display.
    • set additional customization options for grants, scholarly/creative work, courses taught.
The resulting document will appear in your browser, ready to be printed or saved as a PDF.

A note about printing biobibs and custom CVs:
We recommend printing or creating PDFs directly from your browser. Biobibnet includes the option to open biobibs and custom CVs in Word, but Word will apply its own formatting. When using Word, be prepared to apply styles or make other adjustments to the formatting to meet your expectations.