Biobibnet: Grants tab

These entries appear under the section heading "Grants" and sort in descending date order (newest first).

Required fields are indicated with red text and an asterisk on the Biobibnet entry screen; here just by an asterisk.

Information and notes

Enter beginning and end funding dates.

*PI Status

Choose from the drop-down list provided. This field can be batch edited.


This rich text field holds the description of the grant. If you are reporting grant amounts other than the total grant award, enter those here, too.

(We recommend entering plain text and then formatting using the format bar above the entry field. Cutting and pasting pre-formatted text may result in style codes, e.g. <div> tags, appearing as text in the entry.)


Enter the total grant award, in US dollars, here. The system will format as USD currency. If reporting non-US currency, place amounts in the Entry screen instead.


Select this check box to indicate that the grant is New for the review period. This field can be batch edited.

See also Biobibliography Guidelines: Grants