Biobibnet: Other Teaching tab

Courses Taught and Other Teaching entries will appear together on the biobibliography, grouped by academic year, under the section heading "Teaching." While courses taught at UCSC are systematically imported at the end of each quarter, supplementary teaching experiences (e.g., teaching in alternative venues outside of UCSC) may be entered in this tab.

Required fields are indicated with red text and an asterisk on the Biobibnet entry screen; here just by an asterisk.

Information and notes
*Academic Year

Enter the academic year in which the teaching took place.

Begin Quarter

Select the beginning quarter. The term "quarter" is not appended in the biobibliographic entry, so semesters may also be represented from the selections.

End Quarter
Select the end quarter, if the teaching extended beyond a single quarter.

This rich text field holds the description of the teaching activity.

(We recommend entering plain text and then formatting using the format bar above the entry field. Cutting and pasting pre-formatted text may result in style codes, e.g. <div> tags, appearing as text in the entry.)

See also Biobibliography Guidelines: Other Teaching