Below is the boilerplate text from the review initiation email to candidates, as it appears in the DivData Review system. We encourage departments to customize as appropriate for their processes and the particular review -- but please ensure that the URL link to the system remains intact! It is also important to inform candidates of all the materials that they are expected to provide for the review.

Last year's (2014-15) email template text is also included below, in case you wish to refer to any of it again. 

Current template text:

Dear [Candidate],

Your review has been initiated in DivData Review. Please use the following link to begin:

Note: Appointees with courses or other bibliographic data stored in Biobibnet have the option to use the system to generate a biobibliography and the list of scholarly/creative works to be considered in this review. If you have any data in the system, but do not wish to use Biobibnet, or are a non-Senate academic submitting a CV, select "I am not using Biobibnet..."

You have the right to participate in this review process. This includes having ten (10) working days in which to review and include an optional written response to materials added to your file by your department/unit, and later to the recommendation letter.

Information on academic advancement and help with the use of DivData Review are available through the campus APO website:

If you have any questions about the review process, please contact your department chair/unit head or review manager before you begin.

Thank you.

2014-15 Template text (no longer reflected in DivData Review)

The text in italics is intended to be customized by the department manager as appropriate for the given review. Text in ALL CAPS is intended to be replaced or removed prior to sending.


As you know, you will be undergoing a personnel review this year. Please use the following link to begin your online review:  From the Overview Screen, click "View" next to your current review record to access your review. You will be prompted to answer important file setup questions, and to certify part one of the Checklist to Assure Fairness, before you can begin uploading materials.

Below is an outline of the deadline dates and material you are required to submit for review.

**No later than <<<< LIST OF NAMES DEADLINE >>>>:

[IF ACTION INVOLVES EXTERNAL REVIEWERS] If you have not already done so, provide a list of names of persons (external) to be solicited for letters of evaluation. In addition to addresses and telephone numbers, please include brief commentary on the academic standing of each proposed reviewer and the relationship, if any, to you. You may propose as many names as you wish. The Department will select some of your recommendations and add additional names. The complete list of solicited letters will go forward with your file.

Upload a list names of persons on campus that you would like to be solicited for letters of evaluation regarding service to your college, the campus and/or Academic Senate committees, or of your teaching. This is optional.

Upload a list of names of persons (internal or external) who, for reasons set forth in writing by you, might not objectively evaluate your qualifications and performance. Any names and the reasons will be included in the review file. This is optional.

**No later than <<<<<FILE SUBMIT DEADLINE>>>> and preferably before <<<VIEW ACCESS DEADLINE>>>:

Upload an updated biobibliography.
We encourage you to use DivData Biobibnet, which is a database that allows you to print out various formats: Biobib, CV and abbreviated CV. Among other benefits, you can easily import citations from Biobibnet into your online review file, you can access Biobibnet from any networked computer, it uploads your teaching records directly from AIS, and CAP prefers to see Biobibs in this format when they review files. You can contact APO, 459-5579, for more information. You can also refer to Biobibliography guidelines:

Upload copies of all publications since your last review. 
If you are unable to upload electronic copies of any of your works, please discuss alternatives with the Department Chair. The title of each publication should be listed on the Scholarly/Creative Works tab in your online file, along with the number that corresponds to the number listed on your bio-bibliography. Manuscripts submitted for publication should normally not be submitted for review.  We will provide you a hard copy of your previous bio-bibliography which is annotated (*) to show publications submitted at your last review.

Review student evaluations of all your courses since your last review.  These will be sent forward with your file.  Evaluations from last year may be available on the Course Evals tab of your online review file. You must read hard copy evaluations in the departmental office.

Upload an Optional statement.
The department and CAP recommend that you submit a personal statement about your research progress and plans, teaching, service, and any other activity you wish to have included in the review file. Though this statement is optional, it is considered a very important part of the file.

[IF SABBATICAL TAKEN DURING REVIEW PERIOD] Upload your Sabbatical Leave report for the time period: <<<<SABBATICAL DATE RANGE>>>>

Upload any additional material on the Unsolicited Material tab in your online review file. You may include additional optional material you feel is important for the file.

I strongly suggest you grant view access to your dossier to me and <<<DEPT MGR NAME>>>, our Department Review Manager, no later than <<<< VIEW ACCESS DEADLINE>>>>, and you may also provide view access sooner. You can grant access using the Config tab of your online review file.

The deadline to submit your file to the department is <<<<FILE SUBMIT DEADLINE>>>>. (The campus has established September XX as the final deadline to submit material for all reviews next year; however, the Department has the authority to set an earlier deadline so as not to coincide with the many activities at the beginning of the academic year.)

If you have any questions about the review process, please check with <<<<DEPT MGR NAME>>>>, <<<<DEPT MGR EMAIL>>>>, or me.