The Biobib Project

This project is an extension of the DivData Review project. Its goal is to improve the clarity of the campus biobibliography by updating the Biobibliography Guidelines and enhancing Biobibnet, the campus biobib-building tool that integrates with DivData Review.

The project is being coordinated by the Academic Personnel Office (APO), sponsored in conjunction with the Committee on Academic Personnel and the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, and guided by a Biobibnet Advisory Group comprised of representative faculty members.

May 2016: For use with 2016-17 reviews, we are releasing guideline updates and system changes that affect the layout of faculty biobibliographies.

This summer: We will make additional changes that improve data entry or other interactions with the system. We plan to hold changes that would affect the format of the biobibliography during senate file-building and departmental review periods.

Next year: We are targeting another round of updates to the the biobibliography format and Biobibnet for next year, likely in March or April.

Questions regarding the project may be sent to apo(at)ucsc(dot)edu.

Biobibnet Advisory Group

We'd like to thank the Biobibnet Advisory Group members for their insight and guidance toward improving both the campus biobib format and the DivData Biobibnet application.

Andy Fisher
 Professor, Earth & Planetary Sciences
Carolyn Dean
 CAP Chair and Professor, History of Art and Visual Culture
Charles Hedrick Jr.
 Professor, History
Herbert Lee
 Vice Provost of Academic Affairs and Professor, Applied Mathematics and Statistics
Dana Takagi
Professor, Sociology
Pamela Peterson
 Associate Vice Chancellor, APO
Danny Scheie
 Professor, Theater Arts
Dard Neuman
 Associate Professor, Music
Ibukun Bloom
 Biobibnet Project Team, APO
Eileen Zurbriggen
 Professor, Psychology
Wes Gray
 DivData Programmer, ITS
Emily Brodsky
 Professor, Earth & Planetary Sciences
Cris Imai
 Biobibnet Project Lead, APO
Jennifer Parker
 Associate Professor, Art
Gillian McGuire
 Biobibnet Project Team, APO
Jody Greene
 Professor, Literature
Steve Ritz
 Professor, Physics