Announcement of Biobibnet Online Course Evaluation Archive

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce that the Biobibnet online course evaluation archive feature will be released in time to collect evaluation data for Fall 2013. We want to acknowledge the invaluable efforts of the department managers and staff who participated in the testing and review of this new tool!

This feature will collect and store evaluation data from ECommons for non-student instructional faculty. The primary purpose of this project is to create and maintain a long-term archive of instructional evaluations for use in the academic review process.  Biobibnet will also display evaluation data in a more readable format for academic reviewers such as Deans and CAP. Faculty with Biobibnet accounts will now be able to view their own evaluations online beginning with Fall 2013 courses. Please note that evaluations for Teaching Assistants, Course Assistants, and Graduate Student Instructors will not be archived in Biobibnet.

Successful data archiving in Biobibnet is dependent on three pre-load requirements:

  1. Divisional DivData users must ensure that newly hired instructors are set up in DivData with active salary records.

  2. Instructor course assignments must also be finalized in AIS prior to the third week. Biobibnet relies on the third week AIS snapshot to generate/update the Biobibnet teaching profile for active faculty.

  3. Department staff must follow campus guidelines for creating evaluation surveys in ECommons. Each survey must be associated with the correct course, survey population, and instructor of record. For further information on setting up ECommons surveys correctly, please see VPDUE memo from 5/23/13.

The load of Fall 2013 evaluation data from ECommons into Biobibnet will begin on the evening of December 17 and be ready for department viewing on the morning of December 18. The evaluation data will be purged from ECommons on January 17.  During this window (December 18, 2013 – January 16, 2014), departments must review their evaluation data in Biobibnet to ensure that all courses successfully loaded. Any data that did not load to Biobibnet must be downloaded from ECommons before the purge, and archived by the department according to current practice. Additional or edited data for the quarter will not be pulled into Biobibnet. Two custom reports have been developed in Biobibnet to assist in this review. Please see Fall 2013 load schedule for further detail on the data load and audit timeline. For instructions on performing the audit, please see Load Success Report Instructions and Load Fail Report Instructions.

Departments are still the office of record for evaluation data. Although the data will be stored in Biobibnet, it is the responsibility of department staff to review data for accuracy during the quarterly audit window. Any data not captured by Biobibnet must be manually retrieved from ECommons and archived by department staff according to current practice.
Accessing the evaluation archive and performing the audit process requires departmental Biobibnet user access. If you need to request a DivData/Biobibnet account, please fill out and submit the account request form no later than December 2, 2013 so that we can have the account set up and ready in time for the audit window.
We are happy to take questions regarding the evaluation archive and audit process at A FAQ will be maintained listing commonly asked questions or issues, along with their answers or resolutions.

For questions regarding the evaluation archive and audit process, please contact Georgina Chang at Questions from faculty Biobibnet users should be directed to Cecilia De La Garza at

Thank you.