November 2019: DivData Person Details, UCPath Preparations and Related Changes

Here is a list of the November 18, 2019 changes to DivData, largely prompted by preparations for UCPath.

Changes to Person Details

New Layout

Person Detail information has been regrouped into these categories: Contact Info, System IDs and Info, Person Status, For Senate Titles, Education, and (for AP analyst use only) Personal Data. This change is designed to make the layout more logical and intuitive, helping AP analysts and department managers find and focus on the information they need.

  • Links and buttons have been moved to above the person header
  • The layout of the view and edit screens are now more consistent

The image shows the person record screen as seen by the department.

(Person Record as seen by a department manager)

UCPath ID is a New Field

Located under System IDs and Info, this new field will hold the person’s UCPath Employee ID number once the campus goes live in January 2020.

The image shows the UCPath ID field on the Person record screen.

  • For nonstudent academics, this field will be systematically updated using information from the campus Identity Management system.
  • Divisions will need to fill in this field for student person records.
  • Related change: The existing (PPS) Employee ID field has been renamed to PPS ID for clarity.
  • Both the PPS and UCPath ID fields are available for use in DivData Find as search criteria and fields to display.

Payroll ID is a New Derived Field

We created Payroll ID because DivData will hold both historic PPS IDs and new UCPath IDs, and there will be person records that have one, the other, or both.

Payroll ID displays a person’s most recently-assigned employee ID number. This means that once UCPath ID numbers are available, it will display the UCPath ID for current and recently separated employees, and the PPS ID for former employees who are separated and have no record in UCPath. (For example, employee Chris Current might have Payroll ID 12345678, while Riley Retiree shows Payroll ID 723456789.)

Payroll ID replaces (PPS) Employee ID in the Person header information and search bar:

The image shows the Payroll ID field in the Person record header.


The image shows the Payroll ID selection option in the Person record search dropdown menu.

CruzID is now Its Own Field

We’ve added a separate CruzID field to the person record.

The image shows the CruzID field on the Person record screen.

  • This is the field you’ll see in the person record header (instead of the email field).
  • For nonstudent academics, this field will be systematically updated using information from the campus Identity Management system.
  • Divisions need to fill in this field for student person records. (Note that it is still the email field that is used in sending student decision letters, e.g., TA appointment letters.)
  • When editing a person record, this field is located under System IDs and Info.
  • This field is available for use in DivData Find as a search criterion and a field to display.

The Existing Email Field is now Other Email

Because the CruzID also functions as the employee’s official UCSC email, the existing email field may now be used to capture an alternate email address.

The image shows the Other Email field on the Person record screen.

Initially, the Other Email field should capture the individual’s personal email address as used to communicate with them during hiring. This is a useful reference for divisional AP analysts and departments. In the future, this will also help facilitate CruzID requests.

  • Related change: Applicant email addresses, as provided in their UC Recruit application, are now imported to Other email when a person record is created as part of the Recruitment > Applicant Hire process.

Once the individual is hired and has their CruzID, the email field may be updated to include an alternate UCSC email, such as a UCSC email account alias (nickname).

New Legal Name Fields for Payroll Tracking Purpose

The existing DivData name fields have always supported the use of a person’s primary/preferred name. When that name differs significantly from their legal/official name, however, this has presented challenges for those who need to reference the legal name for payroll, tax, or visa purposes. There are now two new fields -- Legal Surname and Legal Given Name -- in the Personal Data section. For now, these are nonrequired and user-entered fields, for use by divisions when a person’s legal name is different than their preferred name.

The image shows the Legal Name fields on the Person record screen.

Added a Link to the Person’s Campus [Directory] Profile

DivData uses the CruzID field to create a link to the person’s Campus Directory listing. Click View to open their campus profile page in a new browser tab or window. If a person's CruzID is inactive or invalid and they are not listed in the directory, the link redirects to a "Could Not Find User" page. If the person record does not have a CruzID, the View link is not displayed.

The image shows the Campus Profile "View" link on the Person record screen.

Changes on the Find Screens

The following improvements have been made to customized Find searches.

Added the new CruzID and UCPath ID fields

  • Added the CruzID and UCPath ID fields as search criteria and fields to display.
    • Note that even though the field is being added now, actual UCPath IDs won’t be available until January.
  • Both PPS ID and UCPath ID will be available for use with Find searches as search criteria and fields to display. The derived Payroll ID field is not a Find option.

Fields to display are listed in alphabetical order

  • The check box options in the Fields to display section of the Find screen are now listed in alphabetical order within each section (from left to right by row), making it easier to find and select the fields you want to display in the search results.
  • The results table will still order fields by relevance.