DivData updates 08-01-2016

Here are the new features included in the August 1, 2016 DivData update:

  • A refreshed look sitewide, including a new header and logo, restyled buttons and links, and a 'scroll to top' button on longer pages

  • More convenient data entry: In Biobibnet (and soon to be rolled out to other areas of DivData), entries are now created and edited in an "overlay" on the existing page.

screenshot of a new DivData entry window

  • Batch edit for Biobibnet entries: you can now set multiple biobib entries to the same status, review annotation, category or type as a batch edit (a time-saver when preparing your biobib for review!)

Batch edit in Biobibnet: 1. select entries 2. choose edit or delete selected 3. make changes that will affect ALL selected items.

  • Improvements to Biobibnet's handling of cut-and-paste text have made it better at removing extraneous html tags (you may need to open and re-save the entry to make the magic happen...)
  • Better alignment on the Biobib document: the various tables that make up the biobibliography now better align with each other, making for a cleaner looking document
  • Person record buttons and links are more intuitively located (example: links to reports are now on the [salary, leave, etc.] tab, along with view options and the 'create record' button)

screenshot showing new location of report links

  • Person records now have an option to show/hide person details


  • Person record data has a larger font size for easier readability
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and other improvements