Biobibnet Evaluation Archive

UCSC:APO rev:12/18

About the Biobibnet Course Archive

Departments and other course sponsoring agencies are the offices of record for student feedback on courses and instruction—variously  referred to as course evaluations, student experience of teaching (SET) surveys, or other similar terms. DivData Biobibnet provides an archive solution designed to facilitate inclusion of student feedback in instructors’ personnel reviews

How It Works

After the end of each academic quarter, an automated process imports course records to the Courses Taught section of DivData Biobibnet faculty profiles, using AIS third-week data from the campus Data Warehouse. A second piece of the process uploads survey results received from the campus course survey system—previously eCommons/EvalSys and now What*Do*You*Think (WDYT)—and links them with matching course records.

This process relies on accurate data sharing across multiple systems and offices:
  1. The person must have an eligible instructional appointment in DivData (involving academic hiring units and divisions)
  2. Accurate AIS 3rd week course and enrollment data available from the Data Warehouse (involving course sponsoring agencies, CCLP, AIS, Data Management)
  3. Survey reports that can be successfully matched to the course record (FITC)

Note: WDYT supports direct instructor-to-student survey questions; these questions and responses are not included in the reports imported to the Biobibnet archive.

APO notifies departments once the load process is complete. Departments are then responsible for auditing their faculty members’ course records, and making sure they are complete and accurate.

Who Has Access

Departmental staff in DivData maintain the Courses Taught records in their faculty Biobibnet profiles. They can add, edit and delete course information, and add and delete attached files (survey reports).
Faculty can view their own courses and campus survey reports and have limited editing access—course name, units, percent taught, and comments—for biobib purposes.

Courses Taught is one section within an individual’s Biobibnet profile. The Biobibnet profile is considered to be their working space for use in maintaining and delivering biobibliography documents. Therefore, the profiles, including course records and attached files, are not automatically visible to anyone other than the individual faculty member and the staff supporting academic personnel processes.

When a faculty member undergoes a review for reappointment or advancement, course evaluations are copied into the relevant Review file, where they can be seen by others involved the review process. To learn more about the connection between Biobibnet and an active Review file, see
Biobibnet-Review Integration.