Appointment, or Reappointment?

This is a meaningful distinction, because it also determines whether or not the candidate participates in the review process. If the candidate does have the right to participate, then the Checklist to Assure Fairness (“Checklist”) is needed for the review.

Below are some guidelines to assist you in determining whether an action is considered an appointment, or a reappointment, for review/checklist purposes. Please consult your divisional coordinator or APO analyst if you are not sure or have questions.

Situation Review Type: Appointment or Reappointment? Needs Checklist?
It's their first time at UCSC in this title series or department/unit  Appointment No
It's a recall or 'courtesy' title (even if there will be no break between appointments to same title and unit) Appointment No
They have been in this title series and department/unit before, but with a break in service (time between appointments) and it is not a Unit 18 title Appointment No
It's a Unit 18 title and they have taught in this department /unit before, with or without a break in service Reappointment Yes
Currently appointed in the same title series and same department/unit and there will be no break between the current appointment and the proposed new one Reappointment Yes

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