Submitting a Request to Close an Incomplete Review

In the event that a review must be stopped prior to a final decision, the administrative office currently responsible for the file can submit a request to close the incomplete Review file. While this may be necessary for a variety of reasons, the most common example is when a candidate for appointment withdraws prior to the review decision.

Administrative staff (i.e., department, division, or APO) will see a Request Close button as an available action from within the file while it is active in their office/node. When a file is with the academic senate (CAP or DCAP), the divisional review coordinator has the Request Close option. If you become aware of a file not currently with your office that should be closed, contact the active office for assistance.

To submit a request to close an incomplete review

1. From within the review, click Request Close. The Close Review dialog is displayed.


2. Under Close Incomplete, select the appropriate action:

  • Appointment candidate withdrew prior to formal offer. (If known, enter reason for withdrawal below.)
  • Other (explain in comment field below).
    Select this option for all other cases where the review will not be moving forward. A comment briefly stating why the review is being stopped in progress is required.

3. Click Send Close Request. This suspends access for all current assignees and routes the file to the Academic Personnel Office in a Close Requested state.

At this point, the Review file and your request are with the Academic Personnel Office (APO) for processing. There is nothing more you need to do unless contacted by APO.