Senate Review: DCAP


Files waiting for your attention as DCAP Analyst will appear in the “Files Waiting On Me” section of your Docket. They will be in the “File In Senate (C-10)” state, at which point the DCAP Chair can also see the file. You will need to accept the file for Senate review and place the file on the DCAP agenda before DCAP will be able to review and act on the file.

Assignments for the DCAP Chair and committee members will be applied automatically when the file is moved into the Senate node. You can update the default DCAP assignments by clicking the Division Assignments link at the top of your Docket screen.

If necessary (e.g., conflict of interest) you can edit DCAP assignments for a specific file by clicking the Config tab for that file on the FileBuilder screen.

Receiving the File

  1. Find the file you want to prepare for DCAP review and click the View link for that file.
    Screenshot highlighting view and state sections of Non-senate Faculty review list
  2. If you haven’t already reviewed the file, now is the time to do so. While in the Senate node, the only document that can be added to the file is the CAP/DCAP letter. If you need to add or correct any documents prior to the DCAP review, you will need to return the file to the Division (this will send it back to the Division Coordinator) to make those changes. You can do that by clicking the Send Back to Division button on the FileBuilder screen.

    When the file is in the “File in Senate (C-10)” state, it will be visible to you and to the DCAP Chair. You will want to work with your committee chair to develop a process for staging files for committee review.
    Screenshot highlights review settings box and arrow points to button to move into CAP Agenda
  3. If the file is complete and correct, click the Config tab to set the agenda date for committee review. If there are hard copy materials included in the file (e.g., teaching evaluations), allow enough time before the meeting so that committee members can review those hard copy materials before acting on the file.

    You can also work with the chair to assign a Review Lead for each file. The Review Lead is the individual assigned to present the file to the committee. The contents of the Review Lead field will be visible only to DCAP committee members and the DCAP Analyst. When you’re done editing the settings, click the Move into CAP Agenda button.
    screenshot highlights Move Into CAP Agenda button
  4. You will be asked to confirm that the committee assignments are correct. If you need to make changes, click the Cancel button to return to the Config screen. Otherwise, click the ‘Move Into CAP Agenda’ button to make the file visible to the committee.
    Screenshot highlights Slate type and Agenda Date
  5. You will be returned to your Docket screen, where you can see that the file is now in the Senate Review (C-20) state under your Other Files in Division/CAP heading.

Committee Recommendation

  1. Once the committee has reviewed the file and the recommendation has been finalized, the DCAP recommendation can be uploaded by either the DCAP Chair or the DCAP Analyst.
  2. Navigate to the FileBuilder Screen for the review. You can either drag and drop DCAP’s letter onto the upload files box or click the Add File link in the Recommendation/Decision Letters section to browse to the document. NOTE: the only document that can be added to the Dossier during Senate Review is a CAP/DCAP recommendation letter.
    screen shot highlights add file button, red arrow indicates Recommendation Letter Title, and red box highlights submit recommendation box
  3. If the Dean and DCAP Chair agree that a letter is not necessary, the DCAP Chair can click the Add File link and type “DCAP concurs” into the Title field for the DCAP recommendation, rather than uploading a letter. This is the equivalent of signing off on the bottom of the Personnel Action Worksheet.
  4. Once the committee’s review is complete and the recommendation has been included, the DCAP Chair can click the Submit Recommendation button to send the file to you for return to the Division. Only the DCAP Chair can click this Submit button. The file will be moved to the Senate Finalize (C-30) state and will appear under the “Files Waiting On Me” section of the Docket for the Division Coordinator/CAP Analyst.
    Screenshot highlighting the State column, showing Senate Finalize

Finalize DCAP Review

  1. Click the View link for the file and review the materials to make sure that the DCAP letter is correct and complete. Click the Submit button when you are satisfied.
    Screenshot highlights the Submit button for the DCAP letter
  2. Enter the DCAP recommendation and click ‘Submit’ to return the file to the Division.
    Screenshot highlighting the submit button on the CAP Recommendation
  3. The file will be returned to the Division node. It will appear under the “Files Waiting on Me” section of the Division Coordinator’s Docket and can be moved forward to the Dean.
    screenshot highlighting State column as Post-Senate Dean Prep
    Files that have been reviewed by DCAP will appear on the DCAP Chair’s Docket until the review has been completed and archived.