Help for Department Chairs/Unit Heads

Submitting the department/unit recommendation • Certifying the Checklist to Assure Fairness • Answers to common department chair/unit head questions

A department chair’s/unit head's role and responsibilities extend throughout the review process; most of which involves direct communication to inform and advise the candidates undergoing review.  

In DivData Review, department chairs/unit heads continue to be responsible for the department’s/unit’s additions to the Review file, including the contents of the department/unit recommendation letter.  There are four actions that a department chair/unit head can or must take in DivData Review:

  1. Uploading the department/unit letter once faculty/unit review is complete. This step is optional for the chair/unit head, as he/she may delegate uploading the recommendation letter to the department/unit review manager.
  2. Certifying the Checklist to Assure Fairness. All department/unit files with a checklist must be certified by the Chair/Unit Head.
  3. Submitting the recommendation letter. After certifying the Checklist to Assure Fairness, the department chair/unit head is responsible for signing off on the recommendation letter, as a last responsibility before the file goes to the division office.
  4. At the time of signing off and submitting the recommendation letter, the chair/unit head may optionally include a confidential letter to the dean.

The steps for each process are outlined below.  General information on navigating DivData Review and an individual review file is available as Help for Faculty Reviewers.

The Review Docket of a department chair or unit head looks and operates much like that of any reviewer, except that a second table will appear when the chair is responsible for moving a file forward:

partial image of chair docket

The system will send a notification email when a review is newly placed into a user’s docket that is waiting on that user to move the file forward. (The system allows users to opt out of these emails, but this is only recommended for those who are actively monitoring their review docket on a daily basis.)

Uploading and Submitting the Recommendation Letter to the Candidate

Once the department/unit review has taken place and the recommendation letter has been finalized, that letter should be added to the personnel file as a PDF document. In some departments, this responsibility may be delegated to the Department/Unit Manager.

  1. Login to DivData and navigate to the Docket screen.
  2. Find the record for the review file that you want to work with and click 'View'.
  3. You’ll be taken to the FileBuilder screen, and the Dossier tab.

To upload the department letter:

  1. You can either drag the PDF file to the upload box, or click the Add File link next to the Recommendation/Decision Letters header to browse to your file.
    image of 'add file' for recommendation letter
  2. The document will be saved with the original file name. You may edit that name by clicking the Edit link; you can delete the file and attach a newer version by clicking the Delete link.
    Edit or Delete letter screen shot

To submit the recommendation:

  1. Click the ‘Submit Recommendation’ button on the right of the screen.
  2. Click ‘Continue’ on the subsequent confirmation screen. This moves the file forward to the department/unit manager, who will prepare the file for the candidate to review the recommendation letter.

After the candidate has been given the opportunity to review the recommendation letter, and returns the file (with or without response), the next step is for you to certify the Checklist to Assure Fairness report. This action can only be done by the department chair/unit head.

Certifying the Checklist to Assure Fairness and Submitting the File

  1. Find the record for the faculty review that you want to work with and click 'View.'  You will be presented with the Checklist to Assure Fairness Report, listing the checklist events from newest to oldest.
  2. Review the checklist, and certify it by clicking the ‘I ... certify’ button at the bottom of the page. You will then be returned to the Dossier tab for this file.
    Image of Certify button
  3. In the Dossier Tab, you should review the file contents again, and then take the final action of submitting the file. Click the ‘Sign off on this review’ button on the right side of the screen to be taken to the final Sign Off screen.
    Sign off image 

    image of submit screen
    This is where you are provided the option to submit a confidential chair’s letter regarding this file. (If you do want to include a chair’s letter, but have not yet prepared it, click ‘Cancel,’ prepare the document for uploading, then come back to the file via your Docket and repeat this step.)
  4. Click ‘Sign off on this review’  on this screen to move the file forward to the department/unit manager, who will prepare the file to be sent to the division.

Answers to common department chair questions:

I’m new to DivData Review; where do I find files I need to review?

See the Faculty Reviewer help page for assistance navigating your Review Docket and reviewing a file.

When can I see the review files that I need to work on?

Your review files first appear on your Review Docket as soon as the candidate begins to build his/her online file.

As was the case before the online system, what parts of the file you have access to depend upon where the file is in the process:

  • Candidate Materials: The candidate’s dossier materials, publications and unsolicited materials are visible once the candidate officially submits the file to the department; earlier if they have provided you with “pre-submission view access.”
  • Course Evaluations and Department Documents, including letters, become visible to you as soon as they are added to the file.

Once the file leaves the department, you and your department/unit manager retain view-only access to all candidate and departmental/unit materials in the file. The candidate retains view-only access to their materials and the non-confidential and redacted items presented to them in accordance with the Checklist to Assure Fairness.

Once the decision is posted, candidates, chairs/unit heads, and deans gain access to the decision letter and intermediate recommendations including dean recommendations and CAP letters. Academic appointees retain access to their own review files throughout their tenure with the campus; chairs/unit heads, and deans have access for at least one full academic quarter. After that, please see your department/unit manager regarding access to prior reviews.

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