Add More Materials to a File

Department managers can Add More Material to a Review file up until the time the department recommendation is made. Adding more material routes the file back to Dept/Unit Add Materials (DP-40), where documents, including course evaluations and solicited letters, may be added, edited, or removed. Adding materials doesn’t create a new pass, but the Checkpoint: Candidate Review of Materials continues to be part of the process and any changes to the materials in the file must be released to the candidate for review.

The Add More Materials option is available in the Prep for Dept/Unit Review (DP-55) and Dept/Unit Faculty Review (DP-60) states. Note: Once the department recommendation is made, any changes to the materials in the file must be made using the formal Additional Information Request process, which creates a new pass. See Additional Information Requests.

  1. Click the Add More Materials button and confirm that you want to continue.
Screenshot of the Dept/Unit Faculty Review screen highlighting the Add More Materials button.
After you confirm that you want to continue, you’ll be returned to Dept/Unit Add Materials.
  • Access to course records in Biobibnet is restored, allowing the dept/unit review manager to update the courses and evaluations included in the file.
  • Letter solicitation is reenabled so that additional letters can be solicited and/or added to the file.
  • Access to scholarly & creative work entries in Biobibnet is not reestablished. Any changes to scholarly/creative work must be made directly in the Review file and then manually updated in the candidate’s Biobibnet profile.
  • While the file is in the Dept/Unit Add Materials state, the chair, review manager, and lead faculty reviewer(s) have the ability to see all of the changes made to the file. Department faculty are able to see changes made to the the candidate materials and course evaluations. Candidates can view their materials and all non-confidential department documents, but not confidential documents or redacted letters.
  1. Click Release for Candidate Review. This sends an email to the candidate, advising them that the file has been updated and giving them the opportunity to review and comment on the changes.

Once the candidate signs the Checklist To Assure Fairness and submits the review to the department (with or without comment), the file returns to the review manager in the Prep for Dept/Unit Faculty Review (DP-55) state.

The process can be repeated as many times as necessary to ensure that the contents of the file are complete, accurate, and ready for department/unit review.

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