Giving Access to Archived Files

This page describes how to give a faculty administrator (e.g. the department chair) access to archived DivData Review records. Archived records are those reviews that have already been completed, typically in past review years. Access to archived files is subject to the policies and procedures governing prior reviews as outlined in CAPM 202.160 and APM 160.

Department Access

Department managers may assign faculty administrators temporary access to an archived personnel file, following policy expectations for this access. The faculty administrator will be given a "chair's view" of the archived file; individual materials within the personnel file cannot be selectively offered.

  1. Log into DivData, find the individual with a prior review in the People tab, and then select the Reviews tab at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Click the "View" link at the end of the table, under "File."
    screenshot of person record
  3. From here you will be put into the individual's archived review. Select the "Config" tab, and you will see the enterable field for assigning temporary access, as well as a listing of the prior assignments active at the time the review took place.
    screenshot assignment a
  4. Enter the last name of the person to whom you wish to assign access, then select the correct name/email combo from the list.
  5. Select the date that you want this access to end, and "Save."
  6. This person now has access to view the file and its contents. Their access will expire on the End Date which you've entered, or when you choose to Delete the individual's access. The file will show up in their docket, under the header "File not currently in Node."
    screenshot assignment b

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