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In general, when a person is newly employed in a University academic title or newly employed in a different academic title series within the University, the action is considered an appointment, as opposed to a reappointment or advancement.

Divisional practices vary on creating appointment reviews for new academic employees. If you are unsure whether it is your responsibility or the Division's to create the review, check with your Divisional Office. The instructions below outline how you can create an appointment review in DivData Review after recruitment compliance has been met. *Please note that if an individual new to UCSC is being hired from an approved waiver or exemption, the Division must create the DivData record.

Create an appointment review:

  1. Login to DivData and navigate to the Recruitment tab.
    Image of Recruitment tab
  2. Find the recruitment you are drawing from and select "Applications"
    Image of Recruitment list
  3. Find the name of the candidate, and select "Hire." Only Department Managers have access to this function. If you need a review record to be created, contact the Department Manager of your Department/Unit.
    Image of appointment screen
  4. The "Select Person Record" screen will appear.
    Look to see if the person has an existing record in DivData. Follow Step A or B, depending on the answer.
    screenshot of search
    A.  If the person appears in the list of possible matches, use the "Link" action to proceed. You can expand the search if you suspect there is a match possibility that isn't in the immediate list.
    (If the person has a DivData record under a different name, stop and contact the division to have the name updated, then start the process again).
    Screenshot of linking.
    B.  If the selected candidate does not yet exist in DivData, click "Create a New Person." Fill out the appropriate data fields, focusing on Proposed Title, Proposed Effective Date, and Compliance Begin Date. The Compliance Begin date is the day the search report receives its final approval - depending on the level of authority approval may come from the Dean or AVC of APO. Once you have filled out those sections, select Hire Person.* The system will then ask if you want to create a review row for this person. Select "Yes."
    Note that this action is just the beginning of the hire/appointment process, and that the person is not actually hired until an appointment review has been completed and approved, and the person accepts.
    Image of create record screen
  5. An appointment review record will be created, using the information from the search. The EEO/AA Compliance and Type of Review will auto-fill. Fill in the remaining data fields as completely as you can. Required fields are asterisked and labeled in red. While some data fields are required to create a record, it is understood that at this early stage some things may not be known. The review record can be modified as necessary as the review process moves forward.
    Image of review screen
    If you are hiring a lecturer who has taught in your department before, change the review type to "Reappointment."
  6. Click the Create Record button to complete creation of the review record. You will be returned to your Docket screen, where you can see that the review you have created is listed in the top section as "Up for Review," and is ready for Initiation.
    Image of Docket
  7. Your next step will be to initiate the review. It is the initiation step that allows you to begin to build their review file.**

**If you are not assigned in the default settings as a Dept Review Manager for your Unit (see Maintaining Dept. Assignments), you will need someone with this role to assign you to the file. They would select "Config" for the record in question, and add your name to the Dept Review Manager role.

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