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Most review records for senate faculty and Continuing Lecturers will be created when the annual Call for Academic Personnel Actions (“the Call”) is issued by the Academic Personnel Office (APO) in May.

Your division may issue a call for nonsenate faculty or other academic titles. In that case, the division will have created a review record for those individuals.

If the Department Chair/Unit Head determines that it is appropriate to review an academic who does not already have a review record in Online Review, the Department/Unit Review Manager can create a review record.

If a ladder rank faculty member should be on the Call but is not, please contact APO to have the Call corrected.

To create an advancement review for an academic who is not on the Call

  1. Login to the online review system and navigate to the Review Docket screen.

 Image of a sample review manager docket screen.

  1. Verify that there is no current review record for the academic employee in question. The docket screen may have two sections; check them both to be sure. If you create a duplicate record for an academic employee in error, contact APO to have the duplicate record deleted.
  1. Click the Create Review link at the top of the Docket screen. You will be asked to search for the academic employee for whom you want to create a review.

 Image of review manager docket screen with Create Review link pointed out by a red arrow.

  1. Enter the academic employee’s name. The online review system will search for the academic employee you have entered and will present a short list of possible matches. If the online review system does not find a match for the academic employee you are trying to add, check with APO to make sure the individual has an account in the system.

Select Person screen.

  1. Select the correct academic employee. The online review system will retrieve information for that academic employee and will present you with the Create Review screen.

Image of an initial Create Review screen

  1. Fill in the data fields as completely as you can. Required fields are asterisked and labeled in red. While some data fields are required to create a record, it is understood that at this early stage some things may not be known. The review record can be modified as necessary as the review process moves forward.

Image of a completed Create Review screen

The online review system will assume that the record you are creating is for a current review. If the review is for a previous year contact APO to create the review record.

  1. Click the Create Record button to create the review record. You will be returned to your Docket screen, where you can see that the review you have created is listed in the top section as "Up for Review."

 Review manager docket showing the newly created review, ready to be initiated.

Next Step:

Your next step will be to initiate the review. It is the initiation step that notifies the academic employee that they are up for review and allows them to complete the Checklist to Assure Fairness and begin building their review file.**

**If you are not assigned in the default settings as a Dept Review Manager for your Unit (see Maintaining Dept. Assignments), you will need someone with this role to assign you to the file. They would select "Config" for the record in question, and add your name to the Dept Review Manager role.

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