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In DivData Review, access to each review file is set on a file-by-file basis, assigning individuals to each file as needed for review purposes.

To make the process easier, DivData Review lets you create and manage a list of default assignments for your department. You can then copy them over into each individual file for customization based on the particular review. Departmental faculty reviewers are selected by rank as appropriate to the type of review and your departmental bylaw 55 setup.

  1. Login to the online review system and navigate to the Review screen.

  2. Click the Department Assignments link.

  3. Enter the default names for the following assignments:
    (Remember, this should reflect your 'typical' setup; you'll pull from this into individual reviews, then make any customizations particular to an individual review. For example: if your department has Bylaw 55 augmentation for all or most department reviews, enter it here; if you have a one-time augmentation, make that assignment on the individual review.)

    • Department Review Manager -usually the Department Manager. Can enter more than one name if several people might need to fill this role.

    • Department Chair

    • Full Professors

    • Associate Professors

    • Assistant Professors

    • Bylaw 55 Augmentation

    • Lead Department Faculty Reviewer - only if there will be a consistent faculty member in this role. Otherwise can be assigned to a file individually.

When your changes have been saved, click 'Review' near the top left of your window to return to your Docket screen.

If there are new appointments or promotions in your department during the review year, edit the default assignments in the "Department Assignments" screen so that you will be selecting names from the most current information when you assign review access for personnel files.

A note about assigning department faculty reviewers to individual reviews: We suggest you do not set faculty assignments for an individual review until it is ready for departmental review. This will minimize your maintenance efforts, since once the defaults are copied into a review, that review will need to be updated individually if/as appropriate to reflect changes in departmental reviewers' status. The system does not update existing review assignments when default department assignments change. 

Next Steps:

When you are ready to submit a review file for department faculty review, you will assign reviewer access to that file by selecting names from the lists you have created in Manage Department Assignments.

List of Department Manager Help Topics

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