Department Review States

Review State  Code Description
Up For Review DP-10 A review record has been created, but not yet initiated. (APO creates records for faculty on the Call, departments/divisions create records for those not on the Call.)
Checkpoint: Review Initiated DP-20 Department/unit has initiated the review and sent the candidate an initiation email from DivData Review. The candidate cannot yet add materials. In this state, the candidate must choose whether or not to link to Biobibnet for their biobibliography and scholarly/creative works and acknowledge the first part of the Checklist to Assure Fairness.
File Building DP-30 Candidate can add materials to their file, and must assign "Pre-Submission View Access" to any faculty or staff with whom they wish to share their materials. Department/unit managers can include courses from Biobibnet, and add certain department documents. At the end of this stage, the candidate officially submits and can no longer edit their file. (Once the department accepts the file, a Biobibnet user's biobib and scholarly/creative entries disconnect from Biobibnet.)
Dept/Unit Accept DP-35 Department manager, chair and any lead reviewer have view-only access to the Review file and its contents. The department/unit evaluates submitted file and determines path file will take. The file can be accepted in order to add further materials (e.g. course records, external letters) [in DP-40], moved directly to department/unit faculty review (if no dept./unit additions) [in DP-60], or returned to candidate for corrections/additions [in DP-30].

Dept/Unit Add Materials


The department/unit can add documents. The chair, manager, and lead reviewer(s) have access to view all current documents in the file. Other department faculty may be granted view access to Candidate's Dossier Materials, Other Materials tab, and Scholarly/Creative Works tab if department manager sets the assignments at this time. The candidate can still view their submitted materials and Department Documents labeled "Non-confidential document." Other Department Documents are not yet available for the candidate or department faculty to view.
Any letters are solicited, received, and redacted during this stage. When all materials have been added, department/unit manager prepares file and submits to candidate for the next checkpoint. Files not involving the checklist (i.e. appointments) move to Dept/Unit Faculty Review where the recommendation is determined and added to the file.

Checkpoint: Materials released to Candidate


Candidate needs to acknowledge the next Checklist to Assure Fairness to view the file. This checklist section outlines candidate rights and opportunities at this stage in the review.

Checkpoint: Candidate Review of Materials DP-50 (File under candidate review) Candidate has acknowledged the most recent Checklist to Assure Fairness and can review their file, including any non-confidential and redacted documents added by the department/unit. Candidate then returns the file to the department/unit, with or without response, within the response period.
Prep For Dept/Unit Review DP-55 The department/unit manager prepares the file for departmental/unit peer review. If faculty assignments have not yet been set for this file, this is the best time to set them on the Config tab, according to departmental Bylaw 55 practice. The Course Evaluations tab and Courses report are no longer connected to Biobibnet at this point.
Dept/Unit Faculty Review DP-60 Departmental/unit reviewers (as assigned on Config Tab) can access all Department Documents and review the file. Department manager will need to notify voting faculty that file is ready for review. Department meeting and voting takes place outside the system. The chair, P.I./lead reviewer, or dept/unit manager uploads the final recommendation letter, and the dept. chair or manager moves the file forward. When the review manager moves the file forward, they also record the recommendation, which is otherwise captured just before sending to the division.
Prep for Candidate Review DP-65 The department/unit manager reviews the file, then submits to candidate for the last part of the Checklist to Assure Fairness.
Checkpoint: Recommendation Released to Candidate DP-67 The last part of the Checklist to Assure Fairness outlines candidate rights and opportunities at this stage in the review. Candidate acknowledgement is needed in order to view the file.
Checkpoint: Candidate Review of Recommendation DP-70 Candidate can review the department/unit letter, choose whether they want to include a response to department/unit or confidentially to Dean, then returns the file to the department/unit within response period.
Chair/Unit Head Checklist Certification and Signoff DP-74 The chair can read any candidate response to department and review the Checklist To Assure Fairness. If the chair wishes to include a department chair's letter, it is added here. Chair signoff on the review includes their certification of the Checklist. After signoff, it goes to the department/unit manager to send to the division.
Dept/Unit Finalize DP-75 The department/unit manager ensures the file is complete, records recommendation, and forwards it to the division.
With Division

The file has been submitted to the division. The division review coordinator verifies that the file is complete and routes for Senate or Dean review.

Dean Review

The file is with the dean to make a recommendation or decision, depending on the authority of the file.

Division Finalize

The file is with the division to finalize the dean's decision or send on to central review.

With Senate The file is with the CAP or DCAP office, per the delegation of authority, and is being prepared for the committee.
Senate Review The file is being reviewed by the Senate committee (CAP or DCAP). Files requiring review by an Ad Hoc committee also remain in this state.
Senate Finalize The file is with the Senate office for finalization of its recommendation.
With APO The file is with APO to verify the file is complete and route it for Senate or EVC/Chan review.
Central Admin Review The file is being reviewed by the VPAA and then EVC (and Chancellor, when required) for decision.
Central Finalization The file is with APO for finalization of the decision. To reach next state, APO notifies candidate and relevant advisory bodies of decision.
Complete The review is complete and the candidate has been notified to view the decision online.

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