Handling Hard Copy Materials

While digital formats are to be used as often as possible, inclusion of a scholarly or creative work in physical form may be appropriate when a digital version is prohibitive (e.g., a book not available in digital format) or in cases where the work must reasonably be seen in physical form to be evaluated. An exception has also been made to allow hard copy submission of older, pre-eCommons course evaluations.

Files that contain “hard copy” materials can slow down the process at points where several reviewers need access (e.g., CAP and ad hoc), which could delay the file. Files that include hard copies will also require special handling to be sure that the hard copy materials are available to reviewers at the same juncture as the online review file.

What to do when a candidate's online file has accompanying hard copy materials:


Before the file is reviewed:

1. Set the 'Hard Copy' flag for this review by checking the box in Review Settings, found on the Config tab > Edit Settings. This shows up in the Docket, notifying reviewers that there are physical materials to be reviewed as part of this action.

screenshot of hardcopy checkbox

2. Please note in the online file which materials are hard copy, to assist reviewers in identifying and locating these materials:

a. For scholarly/creative work, Edit the entry and type "HARD COPY" into the URL comments field.

b. For course evaluations, Edit the entry and type "HARD COPY" into the Comments field.

These edits can be made up until the time the file leaves the department.

All Review Bodies

3. Send/deliver hard copy materials to the next group before submitting the online file. This will help prevent delays by keeping the physical and digital portions of the file moving along the same timeline.

TIP: To create a quick and easy 'packing list' to accompany the hard copy materials, print the associated tab(s) from the online review file, and highlight the hard copy entries.

sample packing list

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