Joint Appointee Files in DivData Review

Some special procedures and handling are needed when the candidate is, or is becoming, a joint appointee. Joint appointee reviews are governed by the associated Memorandum of Understanding (MOU.) Below are procedures covering some known situations. If the MOU for your candidate differs, please consult APO. 

Establishing joint appointments

The procedures for establishing joint appointments will vary depending upon whether the review involves an initial (simultaneous) joint appointment, adding an affiliation, or splitting an FTE.

Please consult APO to determine the appropriate process for your situation.

Advancement Files for Joint Appointees:

For 100/0 joint appts:

These are handled in the usual manner, except that the home (100%) department must solicit a non-confidential letter from the host (0%) department. The host department has no other involvement or access to file materials. The non-confidential letter should be uploaded as a “Non-confidential Department Document” before the candidate’s Checklist part 2 review of added materials.

For other joint appointments where host submits letter to home:

Review Setup

  • There should be one review record in DivData, under the home department.

Departmental Review

  • The host department’s bylaw 55 faculty, including the chair, are to be given faculty reviewer access to the file after the candidate finishes their (Checklist part 2) review of added materials. This may be at the same time, or just prior to, the home dept. faculty review of the file.

  • The host department must finish its process and add its letter before the home department considers the file. This letter is to be treated as a department recommendation letter. The review file stays in the Department Faculty Review state.

  • Once the host department letter is added to the file, host department access is removed. Home department faculty continue to have access.

  • With the host letter in the file, the home department may now consider, vote, and submit its department letter.

  • The candidate has the opportunity to read and optionally respond to both department letters as part of the Checklist part 3 review of department letter(s).

There are two options for department manager administration of this portion of the process; the choice should be agreed upon by the departments involved, with whatever divisional consultation may be appropriate:

  1. The home department manager (DM) retains sole access as department review manager, soliciting the list of host department faculty, managing access for all faculty, and receiving and uploading host department letter.

  2. The home DM adds the host DM as a second department review manager to this file for this portion of the process, so that the host DM can add their bylaw 55 faculty as department faculty reviewers, upload the host department letter, and remove host department faculty access. Then the home DM removes host DM's access.

Decision Notification

  • Just prior to decision notification, the responsible divisional or APO analyst is to instruct the home department manager to give the host department chair a department chair assignment in the review, as they are entitled to the decision letter and the same post-decision file access as the home department chair.


For other joint appointments where host and home conduct independent reviews:

 (Coming soon... in the meantime, please consult APO.)