Initiate and Build an Appointment Review

In general, when a person is newly employed in a University academic title or newly employed in a different academic title series within the University the action is considered an appointment, as opposed to a reappointment or advancement.

Appointment reviews are not governed by the Checklist to Assure Fairness process. The candidate does not participate in the process, reviewing and responding to departmental materials or recommendations.

The department manager builds the appointment file on the candidate’s behalf, generally using the application materials that were submitted to UC Recruit.

  1. Navigate to your Docket, locate the review record for your candidate and click the Initiate link next to their name.

    Docket screen with the review to be initiated highlighted.

    Note: If the review you wish to initiate is not on your docket, see Create an Appointment Review or contact your divisional coordinator.

  2. On the Edit Review screen, select the No radio button (if not already selected) to indicate that the Checklist to Assure Fairness is not required.

    DivData screenshot showing the Edit Review screen with the Yes radio button for the checklist to assure fairness selected and the corresponding email to the candidate.

    The screen will refresh to remove the email notifying the candidate of the review.

  3. Leave the Review Period Begin Date and Review Period End Date fields blank. For an appointment file, these fields are not applicable.
  4. (Optional) Enter a date in the File Due to Department field.
  5. If you plan to solicit letters beyond those that came as part of the application, select Yes from the External Review drop-down menu. Specifying Yes displays the Letter Solicitation tab in the Review file.

    DivData Screen shot showing the Letter Solicitation check box.
  6. Click Save when you’ve completed this screen. You will be returned to your Docket. You can now begin building the appointment file.

    DivData Review button showing the return to the docket and a red box highlighting the view link to the appointment file.

Build an Appointment File

In this step, you will add the appointment file materials. The department/unit recommendation will be added in the next step, "Dept/Unit Faculty Review."

  1. If this appointment is from a recruitment managed in UC Recruit, and you haven’t already done so, log in to UC Recruit and download the candidates’ application materials as a PDF by clicking the “Download PDF Bundle” button in their applicant record.

    Image showing the UC Recruit System's Download PDF Button
  2. Click the View link for your candidate’s appointment review on your docket.

    DivData Snapshot showing red box highlighting View link on docket.
  3. You’ll be taken to the FileBuilder screen, where you can upload the application materials for the candidate. You can upload files by dragging and dropping them on the upload box, or by clicking the Add File link next to the appropriate header.

    Screenshot showing the drop box for uploading individual files.
  4. In most cases, all you will need to upload is the PDF of the application materials, using the Doc Type “Application Bundle.” This document type will appear as an item under the Candidate’s Dossier Materials header.

    If you use the Add File button, select Application Bundle from the Type field drop-down menu on the Review Material dialog.

    DivData Review Material dialog showing the application bundle option on the Type field drop-down menu.

    If you use the drag and drop method, the Application Bundle option is provided on the Select a type for the uploaded file dialog.

    Screenshot highlighting the Application Bundle and the submit button.


    A) The recommendation letters within the bundle may need annotation for further review, particularly if the department intends to reference them. Check campus policy for further questions.

    B) If you plan to use DivData Review to solicit additional recommendation letters beyond those included with the application (e.g. additional external letters for tenure-level appointments), you will need to break up the Application Bundle into individual documents and upload them into the appropriate entry areas within Review. Letters can be uploaded as Solicited Letters (Confidential) under the Department Documents header, and are not available for outside reviewers.

  5. Once the file is ready for departmental review, click the Config tab to assign the appropriate reviewers. For some titles or actions, your department may not involve colleagues in the review process. DivData Review will require that someone be assigned to the Chair/Unit Head role to make the recommendation, but it is not necessary to assign faculty reviewers if it doesn’t fit your process. If someone besides the Chair has the authority to make the recommendation (for example, the P.I. in the case of a Specialist reappointment), assign that individual to the Chair/Unit Head role.

    Screenshot highlighting the config tab in DivData Online Review
  6. On the Config tab, click Set Faculty Assignments.

    Screenshot highlighting the Release for Dept/Unit Review button in DivData Online Review

    A Set Faculty Assignments dialog is displayed. Select the appropriate faculty reviewers for the file and click Set Defaults.

    Screenshot of the Set Faculty Assignments dialog.

  7. Once reviewers are assigned, click Release for Dept/Unit Review. DivData will display a reminder to assign faculty reviewers, just in case you haven't already done so. Simply click the Back To File link to return to the Review, where you can see that your appointment file is now available for review and recommendation.

Next Steps:

The file is now ready for the recommendation letter to be added before it is submitted to the division. Either the Department Chair, Lead Reviewer/P.I., or Department Manager may upload the letter and then the Chair or Manager moves it to the chair for approval. Once it returns from the chair, it will be ready to finalize and send to the division. See Submit to Division, noting that for appointments there is no Checklist to Assure Fairness and the candidate does not have a role in the appointment process.