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Once you have determined the candidate’s intentions regarding the review, you can initiate the review from your Docket.

  1. Login to the online review system and navigate to the Docket screen.
  2. Select the record for the academic employee review that you want to initiate and click the 'Initiate' link.
  3. Enter, as completely as possible, the information about the review. This information will be conveyed to the candidate to guide them in preparing their materials for review. The fields under Review should reflect the dates covered by the review, due date for the candidate's file to the department, and whether letters will be solicited (external review).  It is important that these fields are entered as completely and accurately as possible, as they set the parameters for materials that will be included in the file. Some non-Senate academic employees may not have a set review period - consult policy or your division if you are unsure. The Checklist to Assure Fairness is automatically applied to Senate advancement reviews; for other titles consult policy or the Document Matrices to be sure you make the correct selection.
  4. The online review system has prepared an email to the candidate, letting them know that they are up for review and that they can login to the system to begin preparing their file. Review the language and make any customization you wish. You should include a definitive list of materials they are expected to submit for the review. Be careful, however, not to alter the system-provided URL. The candidate will use this link to access their records.

  5. When you have reviewed and finalized the email, click the 'Save & Email Candidate' button. PLEASE NOTE: the page will time out after 20 minutes, so it is best to prepare your email text in advance of initiating a review. When it times out no notice is sent, but your Review docket will show that the file is still in need of initiation (the "Initiate" link will still be there).

You will be returned to your Docket screen, where you can see that the review you have initiated is now listed in the lower table and is in state "Checkpoint: Review Initiated (DP-20)."

Next steps:

  • The candidate will complete the first Checklist to Assure Fairness in the system and will begin preparing their materials for review (see Help instructions for candidate file building for more detail). You may also add a limited set of materials to the file (like course evals) - see Adding Materials to a Review File.
  • When the candidate has completed their file, they will submit it to the Department by clicking their Submit to Department button. At that point, the file will return to you for further action: See Accepting Files for how to proceed with the file. 
  • If the candidate does not complete their file by the department deadline, the Department Chair can invoke CAPM 400.220-2. If the review must be completed (e.g. a mandatory review), the Department Review Manager can pull whatever materials may exist forward for departmental review. This is done by clicking the Pull Forward link within the candidate's review. If the review is not required, the Department Review Manager can begin an automatic deferral. See Deferring a Review for instructions.

List of Department Manager Help Topics

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