Managing Course Evaluations in Review Files

The content of the Course Evaluations tab in a Review file is provided by the Department/Unit Review Manager, using information sourced from Biobibnet. Course information and student survey reports are updated in DivData Biobibnet on a quarterly basis.

Which courses are relevant to a personnel action is a topic addressed in policy. This page describes how and when you can add courses and evaluations to a Review file.

When you create a Review, the system checks for the candidate's Biobibnet profile, and a yellow alert bar on the Course Evaluations tab indicates that you can copy course records and evaluations into the Review file. Course records and evaluations are managed in Biobibnet, and you select the relevant courses for review from the Course Evaluations tab in the Review file.

The academic employee under review is expected to have a chance to review (and comment upon) the entire contents of the evaluations tab, so only the following states are appropriate for uploading evaluations: Up For Review (DP-10), Checkpoint: Review Initiated (DP-20), File Building (DP-30) and Dept/Unit Adds Materials (DP-40). If you're making changes to the Course records while in File Building (DP-30), make sure you finish your additions at least 5 or 10 days before the department/unit deadline (matching the response period set by policy or contract for each title type), in order to assure the candidate has had the requisite opportunity to respond to the evaluations' contents.

Select Courses to Include for this Review File

You choose the courses to be included in a review by selecting Update Course Selection on the Course Evaluations tab. There’s also a link that takes you directly to the candidate’s Biobibnet profile if you need to correct course information or upload missing evaluations before performing the update.

Note: If the yellow connection bar isn’t displayed, this means you can’t update the course information in the Review file in its current state. You’ll need to return the file to a state that allows the candidate to review the changes by selecting Add More Materials or Request Additional Information, as appropriate.

To add course records

  1. Click Update Course Selection in the yellow alert bar. This displays the Update Courses for Review screen, which lists all of the course records for the candidate.


  1. Select courses individually or by date range. Verify that the courses are accurate and complete.
  • If you need to make corrections, click Cancel and edit the course records in Biobibnet before proceeding.
  1. When you’ve selected all of the courses you want to include in the review, click Save Changes. The Save Changes dialog lists the actions that will be performed.


Performing an update replaces all of the course records in the Review file. If you previously selected a course record, it must remain selected to be included in the update. The dialog will indicate that the courses will be updated in the review. This is to let you know that they’re being retained as part of the update. If you deselect an existing record it will be removed from the review and you’ll need to rerun the update to reinclude it.

  1. Click Save to confirm the update and return to the Course Evaluations tab in the Review file.
  2. Confirm that the records on the Course Evaluations tab are correct.

You can update the course records in a review as many times as necessary while in course-editable states.

To delete a course record

  1. Click Update Course Selection to display the Update Courses for Review screen.
  2. Deselect the record you want to remove from the review.
  3. Leave the course records that you want to keep selected.
  4. Click Save Changes. The Save Changes dialog will advise you that the course record you deselected will be removed. It will also note that the course records you left selected will be updated.
  5. Click Save to confirm the change and return to the review.
  6. Verify that the course was removed from the review.

Edit Course Records in Biobibnet

  1. Click the “go to Biobibnet” link in the yellow bar on the Course Evaluations tab.

Note: If you previously clicked Update Course Selection and are currently in the Update Courses from Biobibnet screen, click Cancel to return to the Review file and then select “go to Biobibnet”.

  1. In Biobibnet, select the Courses Taught tab and make any corrections.
  2. Save your changes and click the link to return to the Review file.
  3. Click Update Course Selection to display the Update Courses for Review screen.
  4. Select the corrected record and click Save Changes to add it in the Review file.

Add Course Records to Reviews with Multiple Passes

You can add course records to a Review file with more than one pass. During a request for additional information, the Update Course Selection option on the Course Evaluations tab is enabled, allowing you to select courses from Biobibnet to be included in the current pass.

The Review file must be in Dept/Unit Add Materials (DP-40). The procedure for updating the course information is the same as for a single pass file. This includes making any corrections or attaching missing evaluations in Biobibnet prior to performing the update.

As soon as the file leaves Dept/Unit Add Materials, the ability to update the course information in that pass ends. Any further updates would require an additional pass to return the file to DP-40 and re-establish the link to Biobibnet.

Note: Course records cannot be added or updated in a previous pass. The course information in previous passes is read-only.

Include or Exclude Cumulative Course History

For candidates who choose not to use Biobibnet to provide their cumulative biobibliography, their Cumulative Course History is included by default on the Dossier tab as part of their materials to be submitted for review. The Cumulative Course History report lists all of the courses a candidate has taught at the university. It is generated from the Courses Taught and Other Teaching tabs in the candidate’s Biobibnet profile.

If teaching is not relevant for a particular review, or the list of courses is already part of the biobibliography or CV they will be providing, they have the option to exclude the report.

Note: This option is not relevant to candidates who elect to use Biobibnet for their Cumulative Biobibliography because their course history is part of that document.

The check box to include or exclude Cumulative Course History is available to the candidate on the Review Settings tab. Once the candidate has made a selection, it is visible to review managers, though only candidates can edit this setting.

  • Deselecting the Include cumulative Course History on Dossier tab check box removes the candidate's course history from the Dossier tab. The change is saved as soon as a change is made.
  • Reselecting the check box reincludes the course history.

The choice to include or exclude the Cumulative Course History report is available up until the Review file is accepted by the department. Once the file is accepted, the current selection becomes permanent and can’t be changed.

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