Closing a Deferred Review

Requests to defer an on-call review are made, approved, and retained outside of the Review system. The following instructions apply once the deferral decision is reached.

For deferral eligibility rules and options, refer to the policy or bargaining contract applicable to the candidate’s title.

When deferral of an on-call review has been requested and approved, or in the case of an automatic deferral, the review manager submits a request to close the deferred review.

To submit a request to close a deferred review

1. From within the review, click Request Close/Defer. The Close Review dialog is displayed.
     Close Review dialog, showing the request options to defer a review.

2. Under Deferral, select the type of deferral.

3. If appropriate, enter a comment regarding the deferral.

4. Click Send Close Request. This suspends access for all current assignees and routes the file to the division in the Close Requested state.

At this point, the file is with the division, where the review is closed and the deferral posted.


  • The defer options are not available for ineligible titles or actions, and disappear when the department accepts the candidate’s materials by moving the file beyond Dept/Unit Accept (DP-35). If you are attempting to defer a review after this point, refer to the appropriate policy (CAPM 402.200, Deferral and Mandatory Review for senate titles) or bargaining contract and consult your divisional academic personnel office. If it is appropriate and necessary to close the review, make a request following the process for Submitting a Request to Close a Review.
  • The system is not capturing documentation of deferral requests or approval at this time. Departments should continue to follow the existing processes for collecting and retaining these documents.