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There are several routes that review files can take before reaching the faculty/unit review.

  • The department/unit added materials to the file in the "Dept/Unit Add Materials (DP-40)" state (e.g. solicited letters), and the file will need to go back to the candidate to sign off on a Checklist to Assure Fairness before going to faculty review. This page begins by describing this first process.
  • The department selected "Accept as Complete (Submit for Faculty Review)" from the Department Accept state, in which case you can Jump Ahead to the directions for assigning department reviewers. This step will be necessary if faculty have not yet been assigned to the review file.

Releasing file to candidate for next Checklist to Assure Fairness

Once the file contains all the materials expected for the review, it will be ready for the candidate to sign off on the next Checklist to Assure Fairness and have a final look at the contents before it goes to faculty/unit review.

  1. Navigate to the file.
  2. Select "Release for Candidate Review"
    screenshot for release to candidate
  3. Fill in the Response Deadline field to match the number of working days the candidate has to respond. A predicted date will be entered in the field, but it should be checked to account for holidays or other timing situations. Response deadlines are set by policy.
    screenshot email template
  4. Adjust the email template to match your expectations. It should clearly state the number of working days the candidate has to respond. Then click on "Submit & Email Candidate."
  5. The file will now be with the candidate.

Once the candidate has reviewed all of the documents in the file and had the opportunity to include any comments on those materials they will return the file to you. The file will now be in "Prep for Dept/Unit Review (DP-55)."

If the candidate has submitted a response to any of the department/unit documents, you can now review it. If there are any questions, now is the time to address them.

Once everything is in place, you will submit the file for your faculty/P.I./unit to review. Set the assignments (instructions below) and then click on "Submit for Faculty Review."

Assigning Department/Unit Reviewers

When the file is complete, set the faculty reviewers for the file. The online review system sets access to each file on a file-by-file basis. You will add departmental reviewers by rank based on your default department assignments, then make any customizations required for the particular review. This action can be performed before or after you've releasd the file for faculty review.

For some titles or actions, your department may not involve colleagues in the review process. DivData Review will require that someone be assigned to the Chair/Unit Head role to make the recommendation, but it is not necessary to assign faculty reviewers if it doesn’t fit your process. If someone besides the Chair has the authority to make the recommendation (for example, the P.I. in the case of a Specialist reappointment), and the file does not require Department Chair concurrence, assign that individual to the Chair/Unit Head role. If a file does require Department Chair concurrence, P.I.s should be assigned as "Lead Reviewers."  Check with your division if you are unsure of the authorizing expectations within your department.

  1. Log in to DivData and select the record for the faculty review.
  2. Click "Config" or open the file and then select the "Config" tab.
  3. Click the 'Set Faculty Assignments' button to assign faculty to review the file. NOTE: this button will go away once you've used it.
  4. Select the faculty reviewers by rank, based on the level and type of review your candidate is undergoing (according to Bylaw 55 voting rights).
  5. Faculty Reviewers will be added to the file based on your default faculty assignments. Check over the names to be sure that all are correct.
    a. To remove a name (because of conflict of interest, for example), click the 'Delete' link next to their name.
    b. To add a name if the department is being augmented for this review, enter the name under the Department Faculty Reviewer category and select the correct person from the found set. Note that DivData Review requires the augmenting individual to have a CruzID and a DivData account.
    c. Note that faculty members can only have one assignment on each file, so when rearranging faculty roles, you will need to delete them from their old role in order to add them to a new one (e.g. a full professor serving as an interim chair will need to be deleted from the "Department Faculty Reviewer" role in order to be added to the "Department Chair" role).

Releasing File to the Department

  1. If the file is in the state "Prep for Dept/Unit Review (DP-55)", click the 'Submit for Faculty Review' button.
  2. The system will ask you to confirm that the assignments are correct. Click the 'Submit for Faculty Review' button again to give your department faculty reviewers view access to the file. This will also allow the Chair/Unit Head to upload the recommendation letter so the file can be moved to the next stage.

You will be returned to your Docket screen, where you can see that the file is now listed as in the Dept Faculty Review (DP-60) state in the lower section. 

Due to varying departmental practices, departments will continue to use current processes to let faculty reviewers know about the availability of, and schedule for, review files. You may want to email your chair and department members to let them know that the file is available for their review.


The department/unit will complete their review of the file and the department chair/unit head or P.I. will upload the final department letter. They may also ask you to upload the letter on their behalf. See Finalize Department Review for instructions.

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