Adding Materials to a Review File: What can Review Managers do when?

The department/unit manager’s available actions (e.g. to add certain document types as “Department Documents” or set up external reviewer access) depend upon the state of the review file. For example, a departmental recommendation letter cannot be added to the file until it reaches the Dept/Unit Faculty Review state.

File Building

While the candidate is building their file, the department/unit manager can do the following:

  • Add the following types of documents under the “Department Documents” heading on the Dossier tab:
    • Document Inventory Form
    • Non-confidential document
  • Edit the Course Evaluations tab 

Note that these documents will be visible to the candidate as soon as you upload them.
Letter solicitation functionality is not yet enabled; this prevents a file from being made accessible to an external reviewer before the candidate submits his or her materials.

In order to see candidate materials during this step—whether added by the candidate or pulled into the Review file from Biobibnet—you must have Pre-Submission View Access. Otherwise, that information will not be visible to you until the candidate submits the file to the department.

Dept/Unit Accept

Once the candidate submits his/her materials, the file moves into the “Dept/Unit Accept” stage. This is a View Only state; neither the department/unit nor the candidate can upload or edit materials. The department has three options at this stage:

  1. If the candidate materials are not complete and correct, the file may be returned to the File Building state so that candidates can make necessary corrections and resubmit.
  2. If the candidate materials are in good shape, the department can “Accept File and Add Materials.” This moves the file to the “Dept/Unit Add Materials” state described below.
  3. If the candidate materials are in good shape, and the department will not be adding any additional materials (including course evaluations), and the candidate has had the required period to review and comment on any materials provided by the department, the department can “Accept as Complete (Send to Faculty Review)”

Dept/Unit Add Materials

In this state the department/unit manager can do all the things described in “File Building” above, as well as set up external reviewer access and add letter-related document types. The candidate will be given an opportunity to review and comment on any materials added during this state. 

Letter Solicitation functionality is enabled, allowing the department/unit manager to add external reviewers, set confidential letter writer access to materials, and formally solicit the external letters of evaluation.

Available Document Types under “Department Documents” now include the letter-related documents:

  • Document Inventory Form
  • Solicited Letters (Confidential)
  • Redacted Confidential Letters
  • Unsolicited Letter (Confidential)
  • Sample Solicitation Request
  • Information on letter writers
  • Non-confidential document

Dept/Unit Faculty Review

In this state the file materials should be static. Neither department/unit nor candidate may upload, delete or modify materials other than the Department/Unit Recommendation or a formal Request for Additional Information.

If the file was submitted to this state in error, and the file is not actually ready for recommendation, choose “Add More Materials” to move the file back to the Dept/Unit Add Materials state. For more information about adding and/or editing material in a review before the dept/unit recommendation, see Add More Materials to a File.

Further information and extended list of Department Review States