Divisional Review States

Review State  Code Description
Up For Review A review record has been created, but not yet initiated. (APO creates records for faculty on the call, departments/divisions create records for those not on the call.)
File Building The review has been initiated and the candidate can upload materials to his/her file. Department/unit managers can manage course lists, attach evaluations, and add certain department documents.
Dept/Unit Accept The candidate has submitted his/her file to the department/unit. The department/unit may accept file as submitted and proceed with review or return the file to the candidate for corrections.

Dept/Unit Completing File

The department/unit has accepted the candidate's file and is adding department documents, which may include solicited letters.

Candidate Review of Added Materials The candidate has been given view access to materials added by the department/unit, which may include redacted confidential letters.
Dept/Unit Review All departmental materials have been included and reviewed by the candidate. The file is prepared by the department manager and then considered by colleagues within the department or unit. The department recommendation letter is added to the file.
Candidate Review of Recommendation The department or unit has finalized its recommendation and the letter is being reviewed by the candidate.
Chair/Unit Head Signoff The candidate has reviewed the recommendation and submitted any comment (if applicable to the review). The chair or unit head is certifying the Checklist to Assure Fairness and signing off on the file.
Dept/Unit Finalize The departmental review is complete and the department review manager is doing a final check of documents before submitting the file to the division.
Division Accept DV-10

The Division Review Coordinator reviews the file for completeness and correctness and routes the file for Senate or dean review. The Authority and Senate Review Type should be verified.

Post-Senate Dean Prep DV-30

The Division Review Coordinator reviews the recommendation of CAP or Divisional CAP and prepares the file for the dean's review and recommendation/decision.

Dean Review DV-40

The file is with the dean to make a recommendation or decision, depending on the authority of the file.

Division Finalize DV-50

The dean has returned the file with his/her recommendation or decision to the Division Review Coordinator. The Review Coordinator finalizes the dean's letter and either notifies the candidate (if dean-authority file) or submits the file to central administration (if EVC/Chancellor authority file).

With Senate The file is with the CAP or DCAP office, per the delegation of authority, and is being prepared for the committee.
Senate Review The file is being reviewed by the Senate committee (either DCAP or CAP, depending on authority). Files requiring review by an Ad Hoc committee also remain in this state.
Senate Finalize The file is with the Senate office for finalization of its recommendation.
With APO The file is with APO to verify the file is complete and route it for Senate or EVC/Chan review.
Central Admin Review The file is being reviewed by the VPAA and then EVC (and Chancellor, when required) for decision.
Central Finalization The file is with APO for finalization of the decision. To reach next state, APO notifies candidate and relevant advisory bodies of decision.
Complete The review is complete and the candidate has been notified to view the decision online.