Division Review Processes

Help Topics for Divisional Review Coordinators

The divisional review coordinator is responsible for key activities in DivData Review, depending on the State of the file.

Divisional Review States

Division Accept (DV-10)

Accepting a File - the preliminary review of a file coming in from the department.

Preparing Dean-Authority Files for Senate Review

File in Senate - Applicable for Dean-authority files involving DCAP review

Staffing the DCAP

Post-Senate Dean Prep (DV-30)

Receiving Files from Senate Review (CAP or DCAP)

Preparing Files for Dean Review - may occur after accepting the file (DV-10) or after it is returned by the Senate (DV-30)

Division Finalize (DV-50)

Finalizing a Dean-Authority Review

Submitting a File to Central Administration/APO (EVC/Chan Authority)

Coordinating Requests for Additional Information

Submitting a Request to Close an Incomplete Review

Giving Access to Archived Personnel Files