Faculty Recruitment Toolkit

The following is an index of toolkit documents to guide you through a successful faculty recruitment.

Index to the subsections of the toolkit

I. Policy 

1) Criteria for Appointment, Promotion and Appraisal

2) Campus Academic Recruitment Policies and Procedures

  • The Campus Academic Personnel Manual (CAPM) contains a section describing academic recruitment policies and procedures (CAPM 100.500).
  • Campus policy addressing "overqualified" candidates can be found in CAPM 110.500.

3) UCSC Affirmative Action Update

  • This update explains the campus' affirmative action requirements as a federal contractor and has data on UCSC faculty availability and underutilization. Additional faculty data is available at both the APO site as well as the Office for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

4) Overqualified Candidates - CAPM 110.500

II. Required Documentation:

Part A - Search Plan
Part B - Applicant Screening (sample)
Part C - Final Candidate Ranking (sample)

These documents serve as the official record of the recruitment process used by the search committee. Parts A, B, and C document the committee's outreach and affirmative action efforts, provide an assessment of each applicant's materials, and identify the rating of all applicants (applicants, candidates, alternate interviewees, interviewees, and selected candidates). The Dean must approve the committee's decisions at various stages of the process.

2) Applicant Status Labels 

  • This listing of labels describe an applicant’s status in the UCSC academic recruitment process

3) Sample Screening Criteria 

  • These sheets provide sample criteria for rating all applications.

4) A flow chart of the ladder rank recruitment process can be found in the toolkit.

III. Job Description/Announcement

1) Position Approval Packet (which includes a link to the new Flyer Template) New format for 2013-14 searches!  Non-Senate searches use this Position Approval Packet and Flyer Template.

Please use this newly revised Position Approval Packet - it is imperative it be filled out in order to set up your search in the online academic recruitment system - UC Recruit!

2) The campus policy on recruitment provides information on what must be included in an advertisement.

3) Ladder Rank Searches and Indefinite Closing Dates
  • Search committees have the option of choosing a fixed deadline date for receipt of applications or an indefinite closing date ("open until filled") process. This document explains the indefinite closing date process.  

IV. Outreach

1) University of California Affirmative Action Guidelines for Recruitment and Retention of Faculty

  • This publication gives a concise explanation of what campuses must do as a federal contractor within the parameters of Proposition 209. Its focus is how to maximize faculty diversity efforts applying federal and state regulations.

2) UC President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

3) Resources for Recruitment Outreach

4) Recruiting Outreach Strategies

  • Located on the Office for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion web page are Best Practices for ensuring a successful search including ongoing recruitment strategies.
  • The Academic Personnel Office has also put together a list of recruiting outreach strategies that may help you plan effective outreach.

5) Diversity Liaison - Each faculty recruitment search committee has been asked to identify a diversity liaison. The diversity liaison should focus attention on three key areas: outreach, application review, and the campus visit.

6) Diversity Matters - UCSC Diversity Statistics effective July 1, 2010.

V. Interview/Campus Visit - Equal Opportunity (Fair Hiring Practices)

1) Employment Inquiries: What Can Employers Ask Applicants and Employees?

  • This document explains the areas of inquiry that are illegal for search committees and others to ask candidates.

2) Assumptions and Biases in the Search Process

  • This document provices descriptions of some biases and assumptions that can effect the search process

3) Campus Interview Visits: Best Practices Web Site

  • This site is a work-in-progress handbook of best practices for hosting candidates for academic positions during their interview visit to campus.

4) To Prevent Complaints

  • This document gives helpful suggestions and reminders about procedural and behavioral pitfalls that can be avoided to prevent problems during a recruitment.

5) The Federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA)

  • Applicants for faculty positions are entitled to accommodations for their disability at any point during the recruitment process. For further information, please contact the Disability management Coordinator, Kelly Roberts, at 831-459-4602.

VI. Job Offers

1) Policy Restrictions on Making Offers

  • There are distinct guidelines for making offers to candidates depending on their current status. This document outlines the different categories and their respective restrictions.

2) Guidelines for Intercampus Recruiting (APM 510)

  • These Academic Personnel Manual guidelines pertain to job offers made to faculty at other UC campuses.

3) Hiring Nonimmigrant Faculty to Tenure-Track or Tenured Positions: Considerations for Search Committees

  • The process for hiring nonimmigrant faculty is becoming more complex. This document explains issues for search committees to be aware of.

VII. Support Services

1) Dual Career Service/Faculty Relocation Resources

  • These Academic Personnel resources provide critical information to potential and newly-hired faculty. The Dual Career Resources web site offers advice to partners of faculty candidates who are seeking employment and the Faculty Relocation Resources web site provides extensive information on the campus and surrounding community to make the new faculty's transition easier.

2) Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC)

  • This is a consortium of California universities and colleges that has a joint web site that links employment opportunities for academic and staff positions. Its purpose it to provide a one-stop site for faculty partners who are seeking employment. http://www.norcalherc.org/