FAQ'S: Preferential Rehire

Frequently Asked Questions -
Preferential Rehire Program for Non-Represented Academic Employees

(NOTE: For represented employees, see applicable collective bargaining agreement)

Who is eligible to participate in the preferential rehire program?

An academic employee who is on layoff status is eligible to participate in this program. Layoff status begins on the effective date of the layoff or reduction in time and is limited to a maximum of one year. Layoff status may be less that one year if the term appointment would normally have expired or if re-employment occurs within the campus to the same or equivalent position.

In addition, an academic employee who has received written notice of layoff or reduction within the six months prior to the effective date of the noticed action is eligible to participate in the preferential rehire program.

What rights do program participant have?

Rights include preference for re-employment to any open vacancy on this campus in the same title or title series, and at the same or lower rank as the position from which the employee was laid off or had their time reduced.

How will program participants be noticed of upcoming vacancies?

Preferential rehire candidates are responsible for tracking and monitoring new postings; documenting their preferential rehire status on application materials; and applying on or before the initial review date.

New employment opportunities are posted regularly on the Academic Personnel Office website at: http://apo.ucsc.edu/academic_employment/Employment_opportunities_bulletin.htm

What happens after the preferential rehire candidate submits their application materials?

Criteria outlined in the appropriate policy are used to determine the applicant's eligibility for preferential rehire status.

If eligible, the Hiring Manager and/or Search Committee will review the individual's application materials to assess the preferential rehire candidate's ability to meet all of the required qualifications of the position. This could include review of application materials, interview and reference checking.

If the candidate demonstrates an ability to meet the all of the advertised requirements, the Hiring Manager and/or Search Committee shall designate the individual as the selected candidate for the position, and shall submit the recruitment documentation for processing.

If an employee accepts another position at UCSC or another employer prior to the effective date of the layoff, will they retain their preferential rehire rights?

No. This is considered a voluntary resignation, which terminates recall and preferential rehire rights.

Can an individual on layoff status take a UCSC position without jeopardizing their rights for preferential rehire?

Yes, however, appointment to the same or equivalent position on campus (i.e., same or higher percent time, and same or higher title, including rank and step) terminates preferential rehire rights.

If re-employed during the period of layoff status, what is the effect on benefits?

Re-employment during the period of layoff status provides continuous or uninterrupted service (i.e., is treated as if there was no break in service) for the limited purpose of applying University policies concerning UCRP membership, seniority, sick leave, vacation, and eligibility for advancement (e.g., merit or promotion). However, benefits and credit for service, including those related to any retirement system, do not accrue during periods of layoff status.

Can a laid off employee retire and still be entitled to their rights to recall and preference for reemployment?

Yes, subject to UCRP guidelines for reemployment.