Frequently Asked Questions about Employment

Where are academic job openings listed?

Individual academic units conduct recruitments for academic positions. You may contact the unit directly to inquire about open academic positions or you can find information about open positions on the Academic Employment Opportunities web site.

Postdoctoral Scholar Opportunities may be listed under Academic Employment Opportunities or may be listed on individual department web sites. Postdoctoral candidates may also want to directly contact faculty members whose research areas are of particular interest.

Summer Session Employment at UC Santa Cruz may be available through various academic departments. If interested, please contact the Summer Session Office at

University of California Systemwide Employment provides links to employment listings throughout the ten campuses, five medical centers, three national laboratories, and systemwide offices of the UC system.

Northern California Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) provides listings of positions available at academic institutions throughout northern California.

What are internal recruitments?

Under certain circumstances, recruitments for specific positions may be limited to internal candidates: current UC Santa Cruz employees (staff, student, and academic employees) and former employees with active Layoff or Special Selection status. In this case, advertising is limited to the UC Santa Cruz campus and only applicants meeting the above criteria are eligible to apply.

What is an ongoing pool?

Hiring units may wish to establish a pool of individuals qualified for temporary appointments. Pools are useful when several temporary positions are involved or when staffing needs depend on enrollment. Ongoing pools do not have closing dates and accept applications on an ongoing basis. Candidates are encouraged to update their curriculum vitae yearly or as required by the recruiting unit, but at least every three years if they are interested in remaining in the pool.

What is a recruiting unit

Recruitments for academic positions are conducted by individual academic units. A unit a group within the campus regarded as a distinct entity in the larger campus organizational structure. Recruiting unit refers to the unique unit that is recruiting to fill a current opening.

What does open until filled mean?

Recruiting units may choose to advertise a position as open until filled. This designation indicates that a position will continue to be advertised and applications will continue to be accepted until an offer of employment has been made and accepted.

What is an initial review or full consideration date?

Academic positions that are advertised as open until filled may also list an initial review, screening, or full consideration date. Applications received by this date will be reviewed by the recruiting supervisor and/or search committee to determine which applicants most strongly meet the required qualifications. Applications received after this date are not guaranteed to be fully reviewed by the recruiting unit. This normally occurs if a sufficiently qualified group of applications has been received before the initial review date.

Be sure to check the employment position description for full submission information. Some recruiting units may set initial review or full consideration dates where a postmark is sufficient, while other units may require receipt of the application by that date.

Where should applications be sent?

Recruitments for academic positions are conducted by individual academic units. Each employment position description contains information and directions for submitting materials including submission address, materials required, and closing dates. Questions regarding a specific position should be directed to the recruiting unit. An alphabetical listing of academic departments and units can be found at A-Z Index .

How can I check on an application status?

Recruitments for academic positions are conducted by individual academic units. The recruiting unit is listed on the employment position description. Questions regarding the status of an application should be directed to the recruiting unit. An alphabetical listing of academic departments and units can be found at A-Z Index.

How can applicants get more information about the recruiting unit or a particular job opening?

Questions regarding a specific position should be directed to the recruiting unit. Sometimes recruiting units reference a web site or contact person in the position description. If this information is not included in the description, an alphabetical listing of academic departments and units can be found by clicking on this link.If unit contact information cannot be located, call the Academic Personnel Office at (831) 459-4300. APO staff will be able to provide you with contact information.

Why are applicants asked to submit affirmative action data?

To assure full compliance with Federal Affirmative Action requirements, the University is required to collect and maintain data on the gender and ethnic composition of the applicant pool. This data helps the campus to evaluate the nature and extent of the applicant pools and the effectiveness of recruitment methods. Providing this information is voluntary. All information is kept confidential and is not a consideration in any decision about an applicant's candidacy for a position.

What is a term appointment?

A term appointment is employment in an academic position for a specific time period, which ends on a specified date. An appointment with an established ending date is self-terminating subject to the notice requirements set out in the UC Academic Personnel Manual . The University is under no obligation to either extend or renew the appointment; reappointment is not automatic. If the position is to be continued, reappointment will be dependent upon positive performance evaluations and availability of funding

How does a tenured professor appointment differ from a tenure-track appointment?

All appointments to the positions of Professor and Associate Professor and to positions of equivalent rank are tenured appointments. They are continuous in tenure until terminated by retirement, demotion, or dismissal.

All Assistant Professor appointments are tenure-track appointments. That is, they are appointments that are eligible for tenure review and promotion to tenure. Each Assistant Professor appointment and reappointment is limited to a maximum term of two years. The total University service with this and certain other titles may not exceed eight years except as provided in the UC Academic Personnel Manual (see APM-133).

How are interviews conducted?

Individual recruiting units schedule and conduct their own interviews. Someone from the recruiting unit will contact you if you're selected for an interview.

When they contact you, make sure to obtain:

  • Their name and contact information
  • Directions or a map showing the exact location of the interview
  • Parking information, including where to park and how to obtain a parking permit
  • The name and phone number of someone to contact the day of the interview if you get lost or are running late.
  • A list of materials that you should bring with you.

Interviewees typically meet with the hiring supervisor and/or a search committee. The search committee may be comprised of the recruiting supervisor, future co-workers, and various campus representatives that might be interacting with the position in the future. Interviews are usually conducted in person, but may be conducted via telephone.

What preparation should be done for an interview?

Interviewees should review their application package and be prepared to clarify such things as education, employment history, training, and work experience. Applicants should also review the job description and be prepared to give examples of directly related or transferable experiences and skills when appropriate. Some academic positions also require that the interviewees present a lecture or seminar.

It is always important to learn more about the recruiting unit or division (e.g., mission, goals, research projects). Use the UCSC A-Z Index on the campus home page to locate unit specific web pages. Recruiting supervisors who are also faculty members may have their own web site. Individual faculty web sites can usually be found through the unit's main web site or home page.

How can a job search be made more effective?

The Staff Human Resources Office has complied a list of Tips for an Effective Job Search . Much of the information presented also applies to academic employment.

Can I submit general application materials so that I may be considered for positions that match my skills and abilities?

There is no central process whereby an individual is matched with current or future academic employment opportunities. It is best to contact appropriate units or faculty directly to inquire about future positions and to frequently check the Academic Employment Opportunities for current listings.

Why do employment opportunities remain listed so long after the initial review date has passed?

UC Santa Cruz is a large institution with many units, each of which has its own recruitment timetable for jobs that it posts. When an academic position is open until filled, it remains advertised and applications will continue to be accepted until an offer of employment has been made and accepted.