Salaries for Further Above Scale Merit Increases

February 26, 2018

By Marlene Tromp, Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor 




Re: Salaries for Further Above Scale Merit Increases                                                                                                           

Dear Colleagues:

I write to inform you of an update to our campus salary practices for Professors, Above Scale.

Effective with the 2017-18 review year, the standard Further Above Scale salary increase increment will be 11% of the published Step 9 rate on the applicable scale, instead of a $16,000 flat amount. As a result, the standard increments in 2017-18 will be $17,700 on the regular scale, and $19,400 on the Business/Engineering/Economics scale. These standard amounts will increase with any annual salary adjustments that are applied to the professorial salary scales. The criteria for continued advancement Further Above Scale remain unchanged.

This change is important to acknowledge market forces and the excellence of our faculty, as well as to provide consistency with salaries at initial Above Scale advancement (presently 11% of the current Step 9 rate on the relevant scale). This amends campus practice since 2013, where the norm for subsequent advancements Further Above Scale was flat salary increases of $16,000, regardless of salary scale.

As before, campus guidelines for the Special Salary Practice do not apply to Above Scale actions. In unusual cases, a 25% or 50% increase or decrease to the standard amounts may be warranted. Advancements greater than the standard amount can only be justified in extraordinary cases that meet the criteria for advancement combined with, for example, a new major award in recognition of career accomplishments.

This change will be applied to all Further Above Scale decisions, beginning in the 2017-18 review year and continuing forward, including files that have already left the department before this announcement.

Any questions may be directed to the Academic Personnel Office at



                                                                        Marlene Tromp
                                                                        Campus Provost and
                                                                        Executive Vice Chancellor

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