Delegation of Authority - VPDUE for Academic Personnel Actions in Undergrad Ed

April 08, 2016

By Alison Galloway, Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor 

Vice Provost and Dean–Undergraduate Education

Re:  Delegation of Authority for Academic Personnel Actions:
Vice Provost and Dean–Undergraduate Education Division

Dear Vice Provost and Dean Hughey:

Effective immediately, I hereby delegate to the Vice Provost and Dean–Undergraduate Education the authority to approve academic personnel appointment and advancement actions in the Undergraduate Education Division and those units under the purview of this Division consistent with the authority delegated to academic divisional deans with the exception of appointments to Senate faculty positions that require a budgeted FTE. 

The authority to approve appointments and reappointments in Summer Session and to the following academic personnel titles continues to remain in place:

  • College Provost; and
  • Faculty Administrators to programs under the Undergraduate Education Division’s purview (e.g., Associate Dean–Undergraduate Education, Faculty Director).

This delegation recognizes the establishment of a business office within the Undergraduate Education Division to support all academic personnel matters related to the Colleges (excluding Colleges 9 and 10), Summer Session, and the Educational Partnership Center.  While the Undergraduate Education Academic Human Recourses Office will also support some operational functions (e.g., payroll) related to academic titles in additional programs, such as Learning Support Services, Education Opportunity Program, and COSMOS, this delegation of authority for appointment and advancement actions is limited to the programs that report directly to the Vice Provost and Dean–Undergraduate Education.

This authority may not be further delegated without express approval from the Campus Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor.  Please be advised that exceptions to the Academic Personnel Manual (APM) and the Campus Academic Personnel Manual (CAPM) are not delegated by this memorandum and must be approved as set forth in policy.

While this delegation of authority is effective immediately, my expectation is that you will be communicating this information and the actual timing of transitioning the myriad academic personnel and payroll actions from the other divisions to Undergraduate Education to affected deans, college provosts, other administrators, and academic personnel support staff to ensure a smooth transition.

If you have any questions, please contact the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Personnel Pamela Peterson at or 9-5579.


                                                                               Alison Galloway
                                                                               Campus Provost and
                                                                               Executive Vice Chancellor

Chief of Staff Abercia
Chancellor Blumenthal
Vice Chancellor Delaney
Assistant Vice Chancellor Peterson
Chief of Staff Rhoads
Academic HR Manager Scarborough
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