Access Request for Material in Academic Personnel Action Review Files

UCSC/APO: 3/11

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Request for Access

Access materials will include copies of all documents added to the review file after the file leaves the department and through the final decision (e.g., dean's letter, CAP's recommendation, ad hoc committee's report, if any).

The department chair and the dean will also receive a copy of all materials provided to the faculty member. However, if the file contains a candidate's confidential response to the department letter a copy of that document would not be provided to the department chair.

Please contact Academic Personnel at 459-5579 with any questions.

Indicate the academic personnel review action and effective date:

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I understand that this form is to request access to materials in my personnel review file(s) in accordance with APM 160 and CAPM 200.160. As per policy, redacted copies of confidential documents will be prepared.

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Pressing 'E-mail' button will email this form to the Academic Personnel Office. Receipt via email (from requestor's email account) is an acceptable substitute for signature. Pressing 'Print' will print a copy of the form if you would prefer to sign and submit a hard copy. For dean's authority actions, requests will be forwarded to your division for processing.

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