DivData Review

DivData Review facilitates the academic review process for all nonstudent titles. This module of DivData launched May 1, 2014, first supporting ladder-rank faculty advancement actions. One year later, support extended to appointment files and non-senate actions.

Review provides workflow and routing support, and integrates with DivData Biobibnet for faculty biobibliographic information and course history. We continue working on enhancements that support the review process and our users.

Authorized users can access the system and its companion help site using the button at left.

Below are a few related resources and links:

  • DivData Help

    Campus users can find context-specific help, including step-by-step instructions for most tasks, right within the DivData application. Help is available for candidates, review managers, chairs, divisional users and other analysts involved in the review process. From within DivData, click the "?" icon on the main menu to access DivData Help.

    For noncampus users who who are providing a letter of evaluation for an academic personnel action, see Help for Solicited Letter Writers. This page includes information about how to access the candidate's materials and step-by-step instructions for submitting your letter directly through the system.

  • Guidelines for Candidate Materials

    These guidelines cover allowable and supported formats for submitting candidate materials as part of the review file.
  • DivData Workshops & Training

    The Academic Personnel Office (APO) hosts a variety of DivData workshops focusing on specific user groups and topics throughout the year.
  • Academic Advancement Resources

    Start here to find a wealth of information on academic advancement at UCSC, including policies, guidelines, toolkits and other helpful resources.