DivData Biobibnet

Biobibnet is DivData's biobibliograhy management tool, helping faculty maintain biobibliographies that conform to the campus standard, and also create custom CVs.

Originally designed for senate faculty, it is also available for use by other continuing academic appointees. Short-term appointees are not required to maintain their CVs within the system. Biobibnet profiles are automatically created in DivData for all nonstudent instructional faculty. Appointees in noninstructional/research titles wishing to use the tool may need to request a Biobibnet profile.

Biobibnet also assists in preparing for an academic personnel review by allowing faculty to add documentation of scholarly and creative work on an ongoing basis. Then, at time of review, faculty can annotate their biobibliography, choose to link Biobibnet to their review file, and the required cumulative biobibliography (biobib) and selected scholarly and creative works will automatically be included in their Review file. Similarly, an ongoing course archive helps facilitate departmental inclusion of student survey results (SETS) in faculty reviews.

To access Biobibnet and system Help resources, click the login link to the left. To learn more about biobibliography expectations, see:

Cumulative Biobibliography Preparation Guidelines

These biobibliography guidelines have been designed specifically for the UCSC academic personnel review process. The guidelines provide a standard biobibliography format that allows reviewers to easily identify a candidate’s contributions and achievements during the period of review, or in the context of their overall academic career.