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Academic Recruitments

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How to Launch an Academic Search

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources for Candidates

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources for Search Committees

Addressing Common Myths About Diversity and Equity in Faculty Recruitment and Hiring

Avoiding Gender Bias in Reference Writing

Evaluating Contributions to Diversity for Faculty Appointment and Promotion Under APM - 210 (UCOP)

Evidenced-Based DEI Best Practices

UCSC Starting Rubric to Assess Candidate Contributions to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Fair Hiring Handouts

Assumptions and Biases in the Search Process

Campus Visits Best Practices

Employment Inquiries

General Recruitment Resources

Campus Interviews Resource Page

Confidentiality Statement

Conflicts of Interest on Recruitment Committees: Best practices and guidelines

Dossier Service-Interfolio

Guidelines for the Application of AB 168 and SB 1162 for Academic Recruitments (January 2023)

President's Postdoctoral Fellows Hiring Incentive Program

Titles for Hiring Non-Senate (Non-Student) Academics 

Outreach Information

Outreach Resources

Recruiting Outreach Strategies

Using Recruitment Advertising Agencies

Recruitment Process Flow Charts

Senate and Non-Senate Flowcharts Unavailable at This Time- Updates to Content Required

Ongoing Pools Recruitment Process Flow Chart


Interview Packets

Employee Housing

Faculty Relocation

New Faculty Quick Guide ( Offer Acknowledgment)

Offer Packet

Zero Interest Supplemental Home Loan Program (ZIP Loan) - Campus Guidelines



APM 500 - Recruitment General

APM 510 - Intercampus Transfers

CAPM 100.500 - Recruitment

CAPM 101.000 - Waivers of Open Recruitment for Senate Faculty Positions

CAPM 102.530 - Visa Policies and Procedures

CAPM 106.520 - Employment of Near Relatives

CAPM 110.500 - Over-Qualified Candidates



Faculty Recruitment Workshops for Search Committee Members

Non-senate Recruitments Checklist for Staff and Committee Chairs

Pool Recruitments Checklist for Staff

Recruit Quick Guide for Search Committee Members 

Sample Applicant Screening Criteria

Search Committee Chair Survey

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