Academic Recruitment

Recruitment Policies

CAPM 100.500 - Recruitment

CAPM 102.530 - Visa Policies and Procedures

CAPM 106.520 - Employment of Near Relatives

CAPM 110.500 - Over-Qualified Candidates

CAPM 101.000 - Waivers of Open Recruitment for Senate Faculty Positions

APM 500 - Recruitment General

APM 501 - Recruitment from Other California Institutions

APM 510 - Intercampus Transfers

UC Recruit

UC Recruit: Access to UC Recruit

UC Recruit Online Training: Required for Senate search committee members before access is granted to UC Recruit. Please note: Senate Chairs and Senate Diversity Liaisons must attend a Faculty Recruitment Workshop (see below). Training for UC Recruit is part of that workshop.

Faculty Recruitment Workshops for Search Committee Chairs and Diversity Liaisons
(In Person Training)

UC Recruit Quick Guide for Search Committee Members  (revised 9-27-17)

Dossier Service-Interfolio: Information for staff to send to applicants who have questions about uploading letters from a third party vendor.

Guide to the New Workspace Ribbon: Guide to the 9-25-17 changes to Recruit's filters and columns display functionalities.

UC Recruit Search Committee Chair Survey

Academic Recruitment Resources

Availability Data - Non-Tenured (five years)

Availability Data - Tenured (fifteen years)

Confidentiality Statement


        Applicant Diversity Statements:
               What is the purpose of a Diversity Statement?
               What should be included in a Diversity Statement?
               What are Diversity Statements used for?    

Engaging in Diversity: A guide for various resources and programs at UCSC

Fair Hiring Handouts

Assumptions and Biases in the Search Process

Campus Visits Best Practices

Employment Inquiries

Flow Charts

Recruitment Process Flow Chart - Senate

Recruitment Process Flow Chart - Non-Senate

Flyer Templates




Outreach Information

Recruiting Outreach Strategies

Outreach Resources

Using Recruitment Advertising Agencies

Position Approval Packets

NON-SENATE Position Approval Packet

Note: Multi-level specialist flyers should link to CAPM 602.330 (section D) for information on rank qualifications 

POOL Position Approval Packet

SENATE Position Approval Packet

President's Postdoctoral Fellows Hiring Incentive Program

Screening Criteria: Senate and Non-Senate (for pools see Position Approval Packet - POOL)

Status Labels for Applicants

Titles for Hiring Non-Senate (Non-Student) Academics

UC Recruit Login and Information

New Faculty Information

New Faculty Quick Guide ( Offer Acknowledgment )

Offer Packet

Interview Packets

Faculty Relocation