Academic Recruitment Training and Resources

Faculty Recruitment Workshops for All Search Committee Members and Department Chairs

Presented by the Academic Personnel Office (APO) and the Campus Diversity Officer for Faculty, Herbie Lee. The purpose of this workshop is to provide information on the best practices and tools necessary to run successful and compliant recruitments.    

This workshop is required for all search committee members and their respective department chairs.

Topics to include:
Fair hiring (laws and policies related to equal employment opportunity and affirmative action), key issues for search committees in the faculty recruitment process, evaluation of the contributions to diversity, equity, and inclusion statements, and how to effectively document the search process.

2022 Schedule: TBD

Recruit Overview

This training is designed for new Recruit users and for those who want a refresher on how to use the system. Offered twice a year via Zoom.

Audience: Department and College Staff who serve as Recruit Analysts

Dates:. TBD. Email for more information



Recruit Tips & Tricks

This training is for users who have some experience using Recruit and it is designed to provide guidance on how to use the system more effectively.

Audience: Department and College Staff who serve as Recruit Analysts 

Date: TBD. Email for more information