President’s Postdoctoral Fellows Hiring Incentive Program

UCSC Guidelines for hiring President’s or Chancellors’ Postdoctoral Fellows

Last updated 11/21/2019

Information about the President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, as well as a complete list of eligible President’s and Chancellors’ postdoctoral fellows is available at

General guidelines for the program:

  • Eligible candidates are current or former President’s Postdoctoral Fellows since 1996 or Chancellors’ Postdoctoral Fellows since 2005.
  • Fellows are to be considered for ladder-rank faculty positions effective beginning July 1, 2020 and continuing through 2022-23.
  • Fellows are not eligible if they currently hold a ladder-rank appointment at a UC campus.
  • Eligible fellows may be hired either through an open search or from targeted outreach efforts; for the latter, a waiver of open recruitment is preauthorized for eligible candidates.
  • Salary dollars will be allocated at the Assistant Professor III level for appointments paid on the Regular professorial salary scale and at the Assistant Professor II level for appointments paid on the Business, Economics, and Engineering professorial salary scale. The affiliated division will assume the costs of any upgrades.
  • Hires may be made at all ranks, assistant through full; however, divisional allocation of salary dollars remains at the same assistant level.

Campus procedures

If an eligible fellow is hired as the top candidate from an open search, no additional request for recruitment authorization is required. If an eligible fellow is proposed as an additional hire from an open search or is identified as the result of targeted outreach efforts, the hiring dean must submit an off-cycle recruitment authorization request to the CP/EVC. Start-up will be covered per normal campus policy. Although a waiver of recruitment has been preauthorized, budgetary approval, including consultation with the Senate Committee on Planning and Budget, is required. The request should detail how the proposed hire will be consistent with departmental plans and divisional priorities, including current recruitment plans, and it must also identify how the FTE will be funded at the end of the five-year period.

All hires under the President’s Postdoctoral Fellows Hiring Incentive Program will follow normal departmental and CAP review. The criteria for appointment are the same as other appointments and are found in APM 210 at

Effects on campus planning

Hiring a new faculty member through the President’s Postdoctoral Fellows Hiring Incentive Program should support department plans and divisional goals. It is possible, however, that a potential hire may present new opportunities to reevaluate priorities within established plans. Below is information on how such a hire affects campus FTE counts.

  • FTE is provided to the campus from UCOP, which in turn goes to the department.
  • FTE is returned to UCOP if former fellow leaves the campus within five years.
  • After five years, UCOP will retrieve an FTE off the top of campus allocations; there is no net gain to the campus.
  • On campus, the hiring division must identify a division-held, vacant FTE at the end of the five-year period.

While you may decide not to take advantage of the President’s Postdoctoral Fellows Hiring Incentive Program at this time, you may want to suggest to departments that they look at the lists of fellows and begin efforts to introduce these individuals to our campus. The current fellows have access to travel funds to visit UC campuses and can be invited to present research or give job talks.

There are curerntly over 100 fellows at work across the UC system in 2019-20, and they are now well positioned to join our faculty in future years.

UCSC Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Fellowships

While UCSC does not directly fund President’s Postdoctoral Fellowships, beginning in 2017-18, the campus began to sponsor up to two awards for meritorious President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program applicants who obtain funding from other sources. The UCSC Chancellor's Postdoctoral Fellowship awards include research/travel funds, participation in systemwide professional development activities, and eligibility for the hiring incentive program. Awards may be for up to two years in residence at UCSC.

Scholars from all academic fields who show promise for a tenure-track appointment and who will contribute to diversity through their research, teaching, and/or service at UCSC are urged to apply. Applicants must follow the same application procedures as candidates for the President’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program and must hold a Ph.D. by the start of the fellowship on July 1. If you are aware of promising graduate students or postdoctoral scholars who have funding and meet the eligibility criteria, please encourage them to apply. This is an excellent opportunity to qualify these outstanding scholars for the hiring initiative.


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