100.500-Appendix B


Developing a search plan
Developing an active search plan begins as early in the recruitment as possible. The search committee should explore every means of making recruitment information available to viable applicants. The Academic Personnel Office (APO) maintains a web page that is a comprehensive listing of all open academic recruitments. It is a recruiting outreach effort undertaken by the campus as a whole, in addition to the sources and individuals identified by the hiring unit.

Scope of the search
University policy specifies that senate faculty searches should be national in scope. Searches for full-time temporary positions may be limited to regional or statewide sources. Searches for part-time temporary positions may be limited to local or statewide sources.

Beginning the process
The process begins with developing a list of target departments, professional groups, graduate programs, and individuals who are likely to include or know of possible applicants. Advertisements in professional journals and national or local newspapers are appropriate for senate faculty recruitments. If the scope of the search does not deem such advertising, then appropriate outreach should be implemented. The full position description should be sent to these sources early in the search , so that applicants have enough time to assemble and submit material.

Making the search effective
An effective search also uses the search committee and members of the hiring unit to develop additional recruitment possibilities. Meetings, seminars, and other formal contacts with professionals may be effective means of expanding the search. Letters to individuals active in the discipline and informal contacts by individual search committee members can lead to promising applicants. Organizations and professional caucuses for women and minorities in the field should also be identified and targeted. All efforts should be documented in the Search Plan.

Documenting the Search Plan
Documentation of the Search Plan (Part A of the Academic Recruitment Record) is required for every recruitment. Part A records every recruitment source notified of the opening. It should include a copy of the mailing list used, the names of any publications in which announcements appear, and copies of journal inserts or newspaper advertisements. Names of individuals informally contacted as possible sources of applicants should also be listed. Addenda to the Search Plan should be recorded and submitted, so that an accurate record of all the search committee's efforts will be compiled.

The Search Committee Chair must review and sign the completed Part A of the Recruitment Record.

Review of the Search Plan differs depending on the level of the position under recruitment:

For senate faculty positions , the search plan is compiled and submitted immediately to APO . The Search Plan should be submitted well before the initial review or final filing date for applications, since this stage must be completed before applications can be screened. When the Search Plan is filed later in the recruitment process, any revisions required by reviewing authorities may require an extension of the closing date and re-advertising. Availability statistics for the search are added to the search plan and forwarded to the dean for review. The dean may require additions to the proposed plan. When the search plan is approved, a copy of the signed Equal Employment Opportunity Approval Sheet is sent to the hiring unit. This authorizes the search committee to proceed with the screening of applications. The original search plan is returned to APO .

For full-time and part-time temporary positions , the Search Plan should also be completed early in the recruitment, but it is held and submitted to APO after the selection of a final candidate. The entire record is then reviewed for compliance by the Dean.

*** DISCLAIMER : This document is intended to supplement the Academic Recruitment policy. Please refer to CAPM 100.500- Academic Recruitment, for complete discussion of policies and procedures regarding academic recruitments