414.220 - Department Augmentation for Bylaw 55 Voting Rights

UCSC:APO:CAPM rev:07/13


If the number of full professors in a department is small (three or fewer), or if additional subject matter expertise is deemed necessary to conduct a thorough academic personnel review, the department or dean may propose that one or more tenured faculty members from other departments be temporarily appointed to augment the Bylaw 55 voting faculty of the department for participation in its deliberations and recommendations on academic personnel actions.

Alternatively, a department may wish to invite a faculty member from outside the department whose scholarly interests complement those of faculty within the department to accept a joint appointment in the department (such appointments carry Bylaw 55 voting rights). See CAPM 417.220, Joint Appointments for Senate Faculty for such actions.

This policy does not pertain to extension of Bylaw 55 voting rights to faculty already appointed to a department. Extension of voting rights to such faculty is governed by Academic Senate Bylaw 55.


  1. The dean or a department may initiate a proposal to augment Bylaw 55 voting faculty in a unit. The proposal should address the need for the augmentation and shall specify the proposed duration.

  2. The faculty eligible to vote on the augmentation under the department's current Bylaw 55 voting rights policy shall consider the proposal and vote. The proposal should report the vote and, in the case of any negative votes, include any relevant discussion.

  3. The proposal shall be forwarded to the dean for review and comment.

  4. The dean shall forward the proposal, via the Academic Personnel Office, for review and comment by the Committee on Academic Personnel.

  5. The vice provost for academic affairs has authority to approve Bylaw 55 augmentations.


  1. Bylaw 55 augmentations shall be made for a specified period of not less than one year and up to five years, and may be renewed as needed. Where the Bylaw 55 augmentation is made pursuant to a need for additional subject matter expertise, including a need to have faculty representation at a particular rank (e.g., participation of a Professor, Above Scale in a review involving that rank), the augmentation may be requested for an individual academic personnel review action.

  2. In either case, the augmentation expires on the specified ending date and no additional notice is necessary. A faculty member may at any time resign from such an augmentation but should provide the augmented department ample notice.

  3. Bylaw 55 augmentations do not provide tenure in the augmented department.


The dean will appoint an ad hoc personnel committee to conduct personnel reviews for divisional appointees as needed.  The candidate shall be provided the opportunity to submit to the dean the names of Senate faculty members the candidate would like to serve on the committee as well as the names of faculty the candidate believes might not be objective in their evaluation.  The proposed list of committee members shall be forwarded, via the Academic Personnel Office, to the Committee on Academic Personnel for review and then to the vice provost for academic affairs for final approval.  The candidate will be notified of the committee membership before the academic personnel review is initiated.