417.220 Appendix A




The following terms and conditions of employment apply to this appointment:

  • A. Effective July 1, 2008, Professor X's FTE will be held by X Department at 80% time and by X Department at 20% time. X Department will be the home department and X department will be the host department.

  • B. Effective July 1, 2008, Professor X shall have By-Law 55 voting rights in both departments.

  • C. All personnel actions will be initiated by the home department and will be subject to By-Law 55 voting provisions in the home and host departments.

  • D. The expectations for research productivity will be the standard for University of California faculty as governed by Academic Personnel Policy.

  • E. Professor X's course load will be defined within the X Division norm of five equivalent courses, usually consisting of one course equivalency for academic service-related responsibilities.

  • F. During academic years in which Professor X is in residence all three quarters, Professor Xwill teach X courses for the home department and X courses for the host department. The exact courses and quarters of assignment will be negotiated by the two department chairs, in consultation with Professor X. The Chair of the home department will be responsible for ensuring that Professor X's annual teaching workload meets the five-course-equivalency standard expected of X Division faculty.

  • G. Requests for sabbatical or any other leaves will be submitted to the home department during the normal curriculum and leave-planning season. The chair of the home department will consult with the chair of the host department concerning teaching arrangements during years in which a leave is granted. When disputes arise, the home department chair will have the authority to make a final decision about the leave arrangements that will be recommended to the dean for approval.

  • H. Professor X's primary service responsibilities will be with the home department and will largely be related to the development of X. For the host department, Professor X may be asked to serve on occasional committees that are in keeping with his particular interests and expertise.

  • I. Professor X will be available to work with graduate and undergraduate students in both departments.

  • J. Individual academic support such as space, supplies, staff, etc., shall be provided to Professor X by the home department. The home and host departments may work out mutually agreeable arrangements to fund and/or supply such academic support to Professor X.

  • K. Support for Professor X's duties related to their service and teaching for the host department shall be provided by that department.

1 This is only one example of an MOU. It is expected that each MOU will be distinct, as it should reflect the particular terms of a joint appointment. However, all MOUs must be signed by the faculty member, the home and host department chairs and dean(s).