Baskin School of Engineering Instructional Workload Course Equivalents

UCSC:APO rev 2/09

1. Regularly scheduled 5 unit courses, regardless of enrollment, type, labs, number of T.A.s, readers, or tutors. Attending general faculty meetings and orientations, holding office hours, being available to advise students in the class, supervising T.A.s, readers, and other staff assigned to the course, and completing narrative evaluations are considered inherently part of teaching a course, and not eligible for additional compensation.

     = 1.0 course per quarter (37.5%).

2. A co-taught class carries its normal IWCE. The IWCE will be assigned on a variable basis dependent upon workload involved for each instructor.

3. Unless otherwise specifically covered below, courses less than 5 units will be assigned a pro-rated IWCE (e.g. a 2 unit course = .40 course per quarter = 15%).

4. Courses with a lab component carrying student credit hours receive

     = .2 for a 1-unit lab, 0.4 for a 2-unit lab, etc.

5. Courses with significant programming or project requirements or with associated software, hardware, or wet laboratory components, with no additional student credit hours, may be assigned up to an additional .2 IWCE if the level of additional faculty involvement and effort is deemed significant.

6. Faculty led and coordinated telecast associated with a regularly scheduled course

     = 1/3 course per course per quarter = 12.5%

7. Curriculum development required by the Department in direct connection with teaching assignment:

     New course = 1/3 course per quarter = 12.5%.

     Revision of existing course = .20 per quarter = 7.5%

8. Assigned supervision of individual studies (thesis supervision, supervision of student taught course, course 93, 98, 99, 193, 195, 198, 199, etc.). This responsibility must be assigned to the instructor as a specific responsibility at the time the appointment is made. The assignment of individual study responsibility will not normally be made to instructors who have less than a three quarter appointment. Supervision of graduate level individual studies is not normally allowed.

     = 1/3 course per quarter = 12.5%

9. Assigned academic and/or administrative-related responsibilities amounting to an average of 7 hours per week which may include but are not limited to: attendance at regularly scheduled meetings, preparation of reports, resource management, supervision of non-academic staff, supervision of student work groups, general service on committees and subcommittees, preparation of reports and proposals, proctoring and reading examinations not associated with an otherwise assigned teaching duty, advising students at large, and other routine administrative tasks typical of the unit member's discipline but beyond what is inherently required by the unit member's teaching assignment. These assignments must be approved by the Dean, in advance, in order to be paid. Instructors are not permitted to increase their percent time by volunteering to accept individual studies, administrative duties, or service responsibilities.

     = 1/3 course per quarter = 12.5% (will be pro-rated based on actual assigned responsibilities).